Set all reviews to come in at same time each day

I’d really like the ability to set all reviews to come in at a certain time per day.

I have a very busy schedule and am able to allocate about an hour after I finish work to do my reviews and other small tasks I have to do, however many times my reviews come in towards the night and thereby I end up only doing 15 or so before running out, only to see in a few hours another 60 or more would come. Can we please have the ability to set so all reviews come in at the same time each day?



The timing for reviews isn’t random, it’s 100% based on the time you do the lessons at. You should read about how the SRS intervals work in more detail here:

Just to provide some info on how I personally manage it, I only do lessons in the morning, at 9 AM. After that I do reviews for the new apprentice items at 1 PM, and then I do another review session at 9 PM. Over time, most of my reviews will naturally end up being in the evening because of how the SRS intervals work. The early reviews are mostly apprentice items that I progress so I can do them in the evening.


Your explanation is good, but it doesn’t really help my situation. As you can imagine lets say my reviews head towards 6pm as I’m starting them sometime after 5pm. And because the reviews will tend towards the hour, the following day they will arrive later, and this happens consistently until I can’t access them at the time they arrive (busy), and thereby miss a day of reviews which is really not ideal. Even if it’s not the most optimal SRS, doing them 1 hour ‘early’ is much better then missing the day entirely.


That shouldn’t happen. As long as you finish them before 6 PM, they count as if they were done at 5 PM. Also the 1day+ intervals (check the link I gave you) are actually 1 hour short, so for example a 1 day interval will actually be 23h, so if you do the review at 5 PM it will be available again at 4 PM the following day.


I understand what you’re saying but its still not really helpful, if I finish work at 5, commute etc, most of the time its going to head towards 6, and you can see where the problem occurs. My original post is wanting something more simple like 4PM = Reviews arrive, rather then potentially 20 coming at 5pm, 40 at 6pm etc

All I’m saying is you know the intervals, so you can plan around them and make something work for you. That is, if you want to. If you don’t, then keep doing what you’re already doing, but I wouldn’t expect the WK team to radically change how the program works just to suit one user out of who-knows-how-many thousands.

If you want to suggest being able to tweak intervals, I suggest emailing your suggestion at but there’s very little chance of them implementing anything like that (maybe if you can get a few hundred signatures for a petition).

There are other SRS programs where you can tweak the intervals yourself. However, there’s no SRS program where reviews always come at a fixed time each day. You can play with the intervals, but it still depends on when you do the lessons.


Rather than opening a new thread I figured I’d ask you here :sweat_smile:

Having a full time job from 8AM to 4PM, I can’t really fit in a schedule where I do lessons in the morning, then reviews in the middle of the day.

Do you think a schedule where I do my reviews in the morning, then lessons after work, leaving me with the apprentice reviews just before bed would work out?

Only issue I can see right now is I would be a bit constrained on time in the mornings depending on the number of reviews I have. I’m not sure how many reviews I can expect to pile up once I get to higher levels.

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I think it’d work, if you can manage to finish your reviews in the morning without leaving too many out (you can prioritize the critical kanji and radical reviews with a reorder userscript to at least get those done on time). As for number of reviews, that’ll depend on how many lessons you do every day. I suggest you be consistent with this number, but if you find that you have too many reviews, tweak it down until your workload works for you.


Perfect, thank you! I’ll try it out and adjust as needed :grinning:


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You can even do a schedule like only doing reviews at 6 am and 6 pm without sacrificing much speed at all!

There’s plenty of options if you want to make it happen…

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Hmm… How do lessons fit into that?

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Do the lessons at the time where you want most of your reviews to accumulate. Say that would be the evening. Then you get to the following schedule:

Evening: Lessons
Morning: To Apprentice 2 (after 12 hours instead of 4)
Evening: To Apprentice 3 (after 12 hours instead of 8)
Next evening: To Apprentice 4 (after 24 hours instead of 23)
Two evenings later: Guru (after 48 hours instead of 47).

So it would take you 4 days to guru the first batch, and then another 4 days to level up.


I am currently using a ‘radical’ idea (radical because probably most people would not recommend it at first glance), which is to keep a certain minimum number of reviews in my review queue from one day to the next (whereas many people would recommend completing all reviews until your review queue goes down to 0).

For example, because I want to balance my reviews so they come in in the mornings (before noon, say), I will:

  1. First of all, not do any reviews after noon, so that any reviews that happen to arrive in the afternoon or evening just accumulate in my review queue and I only tackle them the next morning.
  2. But most importantly, I will not complete all reviews (down to 0) each morning. Rather, I will leave at least a certain minimum amount – say minimum of 40 if I want to guarantee that I have at least 40 available the next morning. Essentially, ‘40’ becomes my new ‘0’.
    1. In order to accomplish this without accidentally ‘overdoing it’ (by doing more reviews than I intended) I use the “Wrap Up” button (with the little :clock9: icon) during reviews to either a) Press Wrap Up somewhere between 50 and 60 reviews remaining, so that it limits me to 10 more reviews, and I’ll end up finishing with between 40 and 50 reviews left in the queue, or b) Immediately press Wrap Up at the beginning of every session, so I’m only ever doing 10 reviews at a time; if I want to review more, I just do another session-of-10-reviews back to back.

This somewhat messes with the SRS timings, particularly the first two Apprentice levels (4 hrs and 8 hrs), but works perfectly well after those. If you really need to, you can always just review those early Apprentice items whenever they are ready, and then once they get to 23-hr level just let them fall naturally into the next-day’s queue. Honestly, I don’t treat them any differently, since I’m not going for top speed, and I only handle a small-ish number of new Lessons per day, so I’m able to remember them easily the next morning.

The main benefit here is that you’ll always have some minimum number of reviews you could do even if the timings of recent reviews throw them off your chosen schedule. I believe this would address the OP’s main concern.

There is a secondary benefit (at least it’s a benefit in my opinion, others will differ), which is that by keeping a minimum number of reviews in your queue, any ‘shuffling’ that you have enabled will tend to work better. Specifically, you’ll get less ‘lumping’ of reviews all of the same type or same level, because there’s always a chance that some of your current reviews will be left in your minimum queue at the end of the day, and thus get ‘separated’ from any ‘lump’ they were a part of. Thus, you tend to get a more steady flow of reviews over time, less ‘ups and downs’.

Of course, if you’re going for top speed, this is not a very good way to manage things, because you might get some radicals or critical kanjis randomly ending up getting delayed a day or two here or there. But if you’re like me and :durtle_hello: Durtling the Scenic Route :turtle:, then a little ‘delay’ in leveling up here or there doesn’t matter much. Ultimately, you’ll end up doing about the same amount of ‘work’ overall anyway; it may just be spread out over time a bit more.

TL;DR: If you keep a minimum number of reviews remaining in your review queue at the end of each day’s last review session, you are guaranteed to have at least that minimum number of reviews available at the beginning of the next day’s first review session. Just pick your minimum-number as it suits you.


wouldnt ankiweb be the solution?

I have never used it but I guess you can set the schedule yourself there.

even here on WK you can do reviews when you want, of course. I do a batch around noon and then another late night to end the day. That’s it.

And I am quite fast this way. 1,5 years into WK and level 41.


You can’t customize the settings through ankiweb, you need to use the actual Anki client.

How is this “radically changing” the website? I’m asking for the reviews to come at X Time, rather then in small batches at 5pm 6pm and 7pm as they currently do. You’re being unsympathetic for no reason. You work right? I don’t see how its hard to empathize with not wanting to wake up at 5AM just to keep a consistent WK schedule.

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I’m not being unsympathetic, I’m being realistic. The intervals are the way they are and they didn’t give us users control over them. You don’t need to wake up at 5 AM.

Yes, I work too, but I’ve worked the intervals into my schedule. When I wake up, in my lunch break, and then in the evening. I don’t spend more than 30-45 minutes overall in Wanikani throughout the day, for me it’s not a big time sacrifice.

All I did was let you know how the intervals work so you can do the same for yourself, I’m sorry if that rubbed you the wrong way.


What sort of job is that where you can do it before during and after hah. I assure you the change I’m asking for is would be no more then a mornings worth of work, a time scroller and one database call is a radical change friend.

Then send then an email suggesting it, and stop attacking me for no reason.


Attacking? Are you serious? You entered here to say that WK just shouldn’t work like that, argue with me for no reason, and then for whatever reason completely assumed that because you’re able to do reviews at 3 different times in a day, that everyone is able to do that.