How does wanikani handle daylight saving?

So daylight savings time just ended in Europe on the morning of October 27th, but I know that American daylight savings will end on the morning of November 3rd. I’m not quite sure how the SRS is calculated, but does this change the timing of all review items by an hour for me until November 3rd?


Something definitely happened last night.

I had reviews at 02:00, and decided to stay up. However, when the hour reached 0200 my reviews were still locked, and I had to wait for a whole other hour. And so I waited. When the clock reached 0300, time lapsed back to 0200 and then I could do my reviews. I was very confused as for why I had to wait for the hour to reach 0200 twice, instead of just unlocking my reviews right away @.@

I’m wonder whether this did anything to my overall “time on level” :thinking:


I got my kanji to App4, yesterday at 20h50, which should have put it tomorow at 19h for guru1, but it’s tomorow at 18h, before you tell me anything, there is no way I could have done them between 19 and 20 since I was working, so yes probably something changed. (it was like that before the hour change as well)


I think it “changes” everything by an hour only because your time has changed. It won’t change again for you on November 3rd just because that’s daylight saving in the U.S. Think about it this way: if you move or go on vacation to a different time zone, your reviews will show up at a different time, not because WaniKani adjusted them but because your time changed.

I don’t know this with 100% certainty, but I assume they store review times in UTC. This is why daylight savings and time zone changes affect your perspective of when your reviews are. In reality they haven’t changed, just your perspective has.


You stayed up until 3am just to do reviews? :scream:


WaniKani uses UTC which doesn’t care about time zones or DST at all. Your schedule stays exactly the same, the only thing that changes is how your computer shows the time to you. The actual moment in time when a review unlocks is not affected at all.

You were never intended to get those reviews at the first time your clock said 02:00, there were always meant for the second time it was 02:00. Those times may look the same to you, but WK knows the difference.

What changed is that your clock moved an hour. Your schedule didn’t change, only your clock.


I have pledged to the Crabigator :eyes:


Ahaha, that’s sad :sob:


How do you think some people manage to pull off consistent sub 7 day level ups? People who are young and haven’t got many obligations can go ham lol


Hot take: Even though I know of the actual benefits, the concept is way too abstract for normal people to handle and I really think countries should ditch DST / ST completely anyway


This discussion pops up twice a year of course. I prefer having DST, but I’d be happy to support any reasonable initiative to get rid of the whole thing if a) there was a good reason for it other than a minor inconvenience twice a year, and b) people could actually agree on whether standard time should then be with or without DST.

Until those two things happen, the benefits vastly outweigh the inconvenience for me, and I hope it stays.

I’m not holding my breath :sunglasses:


Some statistics show that people die from daylight savings time.

Clearly DST is superior because it would keep us closer in time to our friends in Japan and Australia. :slight_smile:


I wish they would just stop it totally. When I lived in Arizona, the time never changed. It was wonderful!


No, they don’t. They show that there is a correlation between the start of DST and increase in some types of death. They don’t show that those deaths are caused by DST. Incorrect and alarmist headlines like that piss me off to no end.


If I recall correctly the EU voted on it a while back and the majority was for it(not changing the time), so I don’t actually think that’s a particularly unpopular opinion, at least in some places.

They voted on it 2017 I think… the EU being what it is however they needed more studies and surveys and stuff> Of course they also can’t agree on which time so it’s been delayed to 2021 and it could be delayed even more if they can’t come to an understanding… pisses me off. I’ve always despised the timechange twice a year and wish they would finally get rid of it. the surveys show that over 80% of people agree so get on with it EU!!! :rage:


indeed they do show that there is a correlation between the start of DST and increase in some types of deaths… they also show there are more traffic accidents and there’s the nuisance of changing the clock for no good reason…
On the other hand studies have shown that the so called benefits te energy usage are negligible to non existent. I really have no clue what these benefits you claim there are would be… :thinking:


You are technically right that only a correlation was shown. But I think with that being the only difference that weekend compared to others around that time of year, aggregated across multiple years, causation is a logical conclusion.


He didn’t claim that there’s any advantage. He just rightly pointed out that correlation doesn’t necessarily prove anything and that those headlines are annoying because they make people think that what they write is an absolute proven truth.

Having said that, I think almost anyone here agrees that changing the time is at best a nuisance and we can do without it, me included.

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On the surface, yes. And that’s what the BS alarmist news writers count on.

What they don’t say is that after the DST spike there is actually a significant dip in those same deaths for a while. But that is kept silent because including that fact doesn’t make for nice clickbait headlines.