Today I Wrote A Poem

I am trying to teach my high school students how to write a “Roses are Red”-type poem. To cheer them up, and show solidarity, I wrote one in Japanese for them.

くさ は みどり
リンゴ は あかい
わたし は
あなたたち が あい

Even though I can read all the kanji, I was not able to write them on the board, so hiragana it was. After class I told my JTE that I wasn’t sure if I should use が or を but she said “It’s poetry, it doesn’t matter”. As they were leaving, a few students corrected my grammar, but it no longer rhymed. And yes, I know I kinda just told them all I was in love with them, but poems are hard!


I think it’s great that you lead by example… and that your students have the opportunity to both learn and to teach you something in return!
I suspect the concept of rhyming poems may be less common in Japanese than English? My understanding is that Japanese poetry tradionally focuses more on imagery. Perhaps you could also introduce them to something like Ezra Pound couplets?

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I only had 45 minutes with them and we barely got through the intended exercise. But that is a great idea for ESS Club! Thanks!

I love this idea.
Your poem is cute, and the thought of writing a “roses are red” style Japanese poem was so appealing that I decided to do one too.
Sorry if it’s bad. My Japanese is limited, and poems are indeed hard.


Lol! I had fun.


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