Today’s Lessons & Lesson Picker

WaniKani’s dashboard has a new Lessons Button area called “Today’s Lessons”. Now when you start your Lessons, instead of getting ALL available Lessons, you will be given a batch of Lessons created by the WaniKani Alligatorithm™️.

When you click on the Advanced Button in “Today’s Lessons” you will be taken to the “Lesson Picker”.
The “Lesson Picker” is a page that allows you to see all your unlocked items in one place, and choose exactly what items you’d like to learn in your Lessons during your next session.
The “Lesson Picker” is aimed at WaniKani “power users” — experienced WaniKani users who know the system really well, and have reached the stage where they want to be able to tweak it, and have more freedom over what they learn and when.

To find out more, head over to the WaniKani Updates site to view the announcement.


I just finished a batch of lessons and went back to the dashboard to recieve a fright lol, all my lessons dissapeared!

I really like this lessons picker!


I really like this idea! Was surprised to get on today after work to see a new update. Looking forward to digging in!


Was surprised after a lesson too lol. I like the new feature. It helps me manage my lessons alot easier. Keep it up!!


high-tech algorithm for highly efficient brain-sponge-neuron connection building. Love it! Thank you!


Wow thanks a lot!
This is perfect so I can keep my pace without having to all the vocab before I can jump into the new radicals and kanji and then catch up with old vocab in the coming days after a levelup.
I also really like that you get to choose specifically which items you want to see, this amount of control is amazing and fun. Cant wait to jump into the next lessons tomorrow!!:smiley:


In the lesson picker page, it would be nice to have item counts. For example; total count, level count, radical count.

Interesting update! Keep it up


Aw, did they get rid of the little changing picture on the lessons and reviews box? I liked seeing the little guys climbing the mountain and the lesson wanikani get more stressed out with more lessons lol


Personally, as a beginner, I don’t like the sudden change. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it.


So let’s so my lesson batch is 3 and I do my recommended lessons every day, but not Advanced. How long will it take for me to reach level 60?

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Looks good! Liking it so far :slight_smile:


You should see those Durtles climbing in the Review button still, based on how many reviews you have.


Meh, I could achieve the same by using Reordering script + self-control.


If nothing changed from the beta version (don’t have any lessons now so can’t see) you can check the count of each section, or all sections combined by clicking the select all button.
The number will show on the start lessons button below. You can click again the select all to clear selection.

@tofugu-scott おめでとうございます🎉 the lesson picker is a great feature, been using the beta since launch, and the new automated small batches is really cool!


Yes, but not everyone wants to make use of scripts and it’s always better if something is natively supported rather than requiring external tools.

On that note, to all reading this, yes, this update has broken lesson reordering for the time being. Affected scripts should mostly just be Queue Manipulator and scripts that rely on it (like Reorder Omega).


It’s still a good feature for those who don’t use scripts. I’ve seen others on the forums complaining that WK is unusable without scripts, and then improvements get bashed because they do the same thing as scripts… Well, I guess only three things are inevitable in life: you can’t escape death or taxes, and you can’t please the WK forums ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


I was surprised by the update because it’s the first time since I’ve been on this website that they did a major update that responded to a lot of the user complaints that were previously being filled in by scripts. I expect that the response will be mostly positive, although some people hate change of any kind, especially to rigid routines like memorization. I’m very glad they left in “advanced” lesson customization, otherwise people absolutely would have rioted. The customization is good. I don’t use scripts, so this will be great for me.

I still don’t understand how the “recent mistakes” box is sorted or categorized, but whatever. And I still miss the summary page, may she rest in peace.


This seems like a nice change overall that should help reduce a lot of the confusion most beginners seem to have such as not knowing whether to do all lessons and otherwise being overwhelmed by a large number of outstanding lessons.

I’m a stats oriented person, so I do miss being able to easily see how many lessons I have left to reach 0 at a quick glance though! I recognize I’m very likely a small minority in that regard.

I also know it’s possible to hit advanced and then select all on the various types to see the counts, so there is still a way, even if it’s a little more more work. I’ll probably just create myself a little script to add that information back.

Thanks for working to improve things!


Still no update on the reviews API endpoint? Almost 8 months after it was disabled? I mean, sure, I’m glad to see the new change, but nobody asked for this - and like 40 people have asked for the reviews endpoint to come back and they’ve been ignored for months.

Plus this still doesn’t resolve the primary issue of users wanting the ability to skip ahead. Still no ability to automatically burn or skip items, which was the primary concern. I emailed you guys about this a few months ago and you told me that this lesson picker was coming - now it’s here and it doesn’t even touch on the issue I emailed about.

The announcement mentions something about being able to “skip unwanted items” - I do not see any way to skip items with this new system. Unless the implication is that users will manually select their lessons in tiny batches every time they open the app, always being careful to not click the lessons they want to skip? That’s hardly “skipping” - that’s just repeatedly ignoring (plus it only works for vocabulary, not Kanji or radicals). Maybe I’m missing something, but the announcement doesn’t explain it at all and a quick 5-minute look through the new features doesn’t yield anything. (Maybe I have to actually complete a set of lessons after changing my settings before they will “stick” and not keep making me re-input them every time? Idk. Instructions not included.)

Basically all this update gives us is a way to manually reorder our lessons within one single level - which we’ve already been able to do with scripts for years now (except we weren’t previously limited to only one level). Oh, and it also adds the ability to have your lessons automatically scrambled by an algorithm with no way to turn it off other than by manually selecting your lessons yourself every time you open the app. Did anybody want that?

Really not seeing the hype on this change. Honestly it was a major demotivation hit when I saw it added today. I immediately looked for a way to turn it off (as I used it in beta and already knew I didn’t like it) and alas, there is no way to turn it off. Bummer. Simply giving us a way to turn it off would have been nice.

Regardless, I’m still glad to see any type of change on the technical side of WaniKani - just like I was when the Recent Mistakes panel was added. (And the Recent Mistakes panel is great!) I’m just not seeing the hype of this particular change, and I definitely don’t see how or why this was prioritized over bringing back a major part of the site that was randomly disabled 8 months ago. Especially since doing so would literally take like 5 hours and you’ve had 40 people asking about it non-stop since it was disabled and you’re just straight up ignoring them.

I don’t want to sound too mean here because I really am happy about the change and I know it was a lot of hard work that doesn’t go unappreciated. But just… Why was it done this way? What was the logic here?

I also notice some people mentioning that people actually were asking for this feature and I just wasn’t aware of it. Perhaps that’s true, but I just can’t really imagine why someone would want this feature so badly? You have 100 things to learn over the coming days - who cares what order you learn it in? What was wrong with the previous method and why can’t the people who need more customization just download a script? Why were these new features forced on everybody when 90% of us were happy with the way it was? Like MiracleGro said - when it comes to a habit that someone has built over the span of many months and years - something that they do every single day without thinking… Pulling the rug out from under them and drastically changing the way their memory and habits need to work with no way to turn it off other than to manually work around it every time you open the app (e.g. several times every single day)… That’s just not cool.

Sorry to come off so strongly but this is honestly very annoying. I hope nothing I said seems to aggressive and if it is please point it out so I can edit it to sound less so.

All I asked for was the reviews endpoint. Instead I got told no, got ignored for 8 months, and had my study habits uprooted out of nowhere with no way to turn it off. Not a fun time.

EDIT: Alright, after a quick test: The Lesson Picker indeed does not remember your settings even after completing a set of lessons. So you literally have to re-input your settings not only every time you open the app, but every time you return to the home page. Unless you just keep clicking the “Keep doing more lessons” button forever and never do anything else, the moment you click to go back to the menu your settings are wiped. Fun!

I also really wish there was a way to customize how many lessons you do in a day instead of always having it be a multiple of 3 somewhere between 9 and 30. I want to do 10 lessons each day in two groups of 5. Too bad for me! The closest I can get is 3 groups of 3.


Not ideal but thanks for the tip. I’ll be using it!