To the level 9-ers - YURT and CLEAT confusion

Hi guys! This is my first ever post. I’ve come across something frustrating I would like to vent to you all.

I’ve just leveled up to level 9… Yay!!
But tell me, the radicals… what on earth are YURT and CLEAT? I’ve never heard or used these words before in my life. And yes, I am a native English speaker. Maybe it’s because I’m Australian? Is this an American thing? I’m having trouble remembering these two radicals as the words YURT and CLEAT simply have no meaning to me. I’m wondering if this will cause an issue down the track for the kanji/ mnemonics??


Cleats are shoes worn in certain sports to get better traction on the grass/turf.


A yurt is kinda like a large permanent tent or canopy

A cleat is the name of shoes for soccer/football/baseball players. Maybe you call them spikes?
Feel free to add synonyms to the radicals to help


Only in American English. In British English, only the studs on the bottom are cleats. TIL.

(But yeah, I’m Australian too, @Lids, and I already knew both those words, so you can’t blame your Australianness. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thanks @blooky! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

So a yurt is kind of like a rotunda? Lol.
I’ve seen those shoes, but never known the spikes had a “proper name”

I knew you could add synonyms to the Kanji and have done so for a few, but did my realise I could do that for the radicals too?? Will check it out!!

Haha! Thanks @Belthazar.

My parents originally migrated from Europe and I was born here. English was not their first language, even though it is mine. As an adult, perhaps for this reason, I find I come across things here and there that maybe I should know, but don’t. But then again, maybe it’s also my lack of interest in sports? Lmao.


Thank you @seanblue!! I think I’ll at least remember CLEAT now bc your pic looks like the radical!! Lol. Cheers!!


You’re welcome! I knew cleat since I played soccer growing up (in America), but I had no idea what a yurt was!


That makes me feel much better about my confusion!! Yurt is a funny word, isn’t it? Haha.

I’ve never heard of a yurt before and I’m Canadian so it’s not common here haha. We usually call shoes cleats, or just the spikes at the bottom.

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The things you tie boats to are also cleats, and they also look somewhat like the radical.


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I’ve cleared the posts that are not about a specific form of tents and shoes and hopefully you now know what ‘Yurt’ and ‘Cleat’ mean, @Lids (Also, welcome to the forums). For future reference any time you need a little explainer on certain items in WaniKani, make sure to post it in the Requesting Help forums (Campfire is a more off-topic area and your thread might get buried since it’s a pretty busy section sometimes)

Also fwiw, I learned what a yurt was through an Age of Empires II campaign about the Huns about fifteen years ago, so you are not alone in learning these new English words through strange ways!


I don’t think I’ll ever forget what Yurt or Cleat are now. Lol.
Thank you for your explanations on where to better post things. I’ll keep that in mind next time I want help from the community. My bad.


As a non english speaker I had to look up both “yurt” and “canopy” (which I think also is around that level) and I’m always messing up those two since they look pretty similar and I cannot remember the two meanings.

No worries! It’s more just so when we’re roaming the forums we can spot your issue a lot easier and shell out help a lot quicker (I know how off-topic sections on forums are and know how game threads move like, so fast)

I’m also a non-Native speaker and yeah, words like canopy can definitely be confusing. I’ve always taken to yurt as referring to a large rounded tent while canopy as sort of like overhead shade or shelter (Much like forest canopies or canopies in fighter planes)

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To me the “canopy” is now also the “can opener” because it resembles the upper and left side of a can from the side with a small piece on the top to apply the opener. And the “yurt” is just a yoghurt which needs a thick lid in order to not get bad. That way I can remeber the WK mnemonics too. :joy:

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thing is, it’s not the radicals that care in the end. So by chaging the association you do with those radicals, then those mnemonics won’t fit too well… and in the end you just drop the mnemonics altogether (which is exactly what I did :persevere: ).

I know. But I’m using a big mixture of my own mnemonics coupled with the WK mnemonics anyway.

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