Kanji Radical Reference sheet is not up-to-date

Kanji Radical Reference sheet at this line:

uses “dry” radical which in lessons called “antenna”, “long time” which in lessons defined as “raptor cage” etc
On the hand, radical names in sheet are more classical since they relies on meaning of correspondent words, on other hand mnemonic stories are uses new names.

Could you update reference sheet ? Or at least post link to updated version ?

What is that? Who made it? Where did you find it?

This reference sheet posted at Tofugu.com at same place where are WaniKani explanations regarding Kanji are located.

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Somewhere in middle of this article located link to this reference sheet.

You could find it by searching “Visit our handy-dandy Kanji Radicals Reference Spreadsheet.” keyword.

Okay, so it was a supplement to that article.

Well, I mean, as they say “we already did this all for you in WaniKani” so I don’t know that they intended to maintain that spreadsheet each time WK changes, but this is the first I’ve ever seen someone talk about it on this site.

In any case, the odds a staff member will see this are low, despite the fact that this is the “Feedback” forum. You’re better off asking via email.

Got it ! Well it isn’t crucial for me since I could just press “Combined” view on Kanji and find any specific kanji. I just noticed inconsistency :slight_smile:

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