To shake or be shaken 「揺」地獄

Okay just trying to make sure I’m understanding all the nuances of the 揺 vocab.
(I was surprised I didn’t see another thread addressing this, so please let me know if I missed it!)

I found this and this pretty helpful but wanna break it down in English.

  • 揺る -transitive (Not often used anymore)
    To shake/rock
    頭を揺る would now often be said as 頭を揺り動かす

  • 揺れる - intransitive (Used widely from literally and figuratively)
    To be shaken/rocked
    木の葉が風に揺れる / 地震で家が揺れる

  • 揺する - transitive (Used as you are doing the shaking)
    To shake/rock
    やしの木を揺すって,実を落とそうとした / 彼を起こすために、体を揺する

  • 揺さぶる - transitive
    (Two main uses? One is a stronger form of 揺する. The second is often used with strong emotional changes)
    To shake/sway/disturb/shock

  • 揺らぐ - intransitive (Used often with emotions)
    To shake/sway/waver

What do you guys think??? Anything to add, fix, or tips to help remember?


Maybe it can be added to the The Nuance Thread :notebook_with_decorative_cover:.


Nice idea! Thanks!

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