About "to shout at" - Question on 怒鳴る

Hey party people,

This is a relatively quick question but as I just go this word I want to make sure I’m thinking about it the right way early. Wanikani says that 怒鳴る is an intransitive verb meaning “to shout at”. What confuses me is the “at” at the end; this makes me feel as if the verb is transitive because you’re doing something (shouting) to (at) something.

According to Jisho.org, it is an intransitive verb which makes me think a better definition would be just “to shout/to yell” rather than including the “at”. Am I right on this? What am I missing?

A sentence would be 何で私に怒鳴るのよ。 Transitive just says that you use を (direct object)?


Transitive verbs take a direct object. If you shout at someone, that “someone” is actually an indirect object. In English if you were to use a direct object with the verb “to shout,” that direct object would be something like “words.” As in, “I shouted mean words at someone.” That being said, even though it’s possible in English, it might not be possible in Japanese.

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