To fix (naosu) level 7 kanjii not correct?

My phone refuses to accept or acknowledge what wanikani taught at level 7 for なおす
It insists on 直す
Furthermore even agrees and the n5 group I’m in also uses this
Please explain what is happening here thanks

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This is what I see when you post.


Is the kanji different for you? Instead of an L shape on the left side, is it more like just a __ on the bottom? That’s a Chinese font. The L shape one is Japanese. There are a bunch of slight differences between Japanese and Chinese versions of characters that can crop up in kanji. You can usually force a device to display Japanese fonts, but it will depend on the specifics for you.




Yes. This is precisely what is happening to me. I am on an Android 10 is. I am researching now

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Han unification was a mistake


I have located the fix . This worked for me, a oneplus 6t user.

Goto system settings
Search font
Find system font
Change from OnePlus sans to roboto

Issue resolved. Thank you for kindly explaining the issue


Another fix would be to add Japanese to your list of language (no need to change it to be the main one, just add it to the list). If you do that, the phone should always display the Japanese fonts instead of Chinese when the text doesn’t specify which it should be.


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