Different kanji or different fonts?

I posted this question on hinative before but I thought I’ll ask here too.
Don’t really know why my keyboard keeps typing 「直す」 。
I’m using SwiftKey for android right now.
If anyone knows what the problem could be, please let me know.

i can only see what you mean in your screenshot. the text you wrote displays [直す / なおす]. when i use the drawing tool to input that strange character into google translate i can see it but when i copy it, it turns into 直 (nani?).

wrong japanese font installed on your phone? maybe a chinese one? (the way google translate renders this kanji / hanzi, it looks chinese)


Oh, you’re right


It’s the same character block being rendered with different language or font settings.

There are many topics on the whole Japanese forms vs Chinese forms thing.

My browser behaves the same:

I’m pretty sure it’s just a different font or something :thinking:

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Ok I see. That’s a little strange. Because before I had the regular reading of なおす。
SwiftKey only has one font option for it’s Japanese keyboard. I guess it’s fine then if anyone else sees the correct font :man_shrugging:t5:

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You might want to look into the text encoding / language detection feature in your browser (and check it’s working right, although it should be…). It may also be that you don’t have an actual Japanese font installed on your OS. If you’re using Windows, this is usually bundled under ‘East Asian Language support’ somewhere under Regional and Language Options in your Control Panel.

@Torao92 It maybe depends on your OS version whether you can fix it and/or whether willing to jailbreak, but yes, we all see it correctly. If you google Japanese fonts on Android phones, you’ll see this is a pretty common issue, there might be a solution for your phone other than ‘set the whole phone to Japanese’


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When I have my phone’s language set to English, it does this. If I set it to Japanese, it displays the correct forms.

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I’m not sure what all of that means :sweat_smile:
But I opened Firefox – and it magically displays the “correct” font so I guess it’s my Opera acting up… but I don’t use WK on firefox because I can’t use scripts here :man_facepalming:

The font works fine in MS Word so it’s not Windows? I guess? I’m sorry I know nothing about this

If it’s just Opera, it might need the Japanese language files installed in it


And yeah if it displays the correct font in other programs you do have a Japanese font installed, your browser just either isn’t supporting the language or understanding when pages are declaring themselves as having Japanese text. And the latter could be a consequence of the former.

(I do use Tampermonkey on Firefox with no real problems for any WK scripts that I’ve seen so far though :eyes:)

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I screwed something up a long time ago (with cookies or cache? idek) and now scripts don’t work :sweat_smile: And I’m too lazy to reinstall it so I’m using Opera instead ^w^

Thanks for the link and instructions and everything! >///< :hearts:


For what it’s worth, the Wanikani forums now support specifying the language of text. In the editor:


Result: 直す (i.e. Chinese rendering, if no default language specified)

<span lang="ja">直す</span>

Result: 直す (i.e. Japanese rendering)


There’s tampermonkey for Firefox? I have no problems using any scripts in Firefox for wanikani or even the memrise ones too.

Edit: I just noticed someone already replied this to you lol ingore me
I’ve always been a huge fan and defender of Firefox lol.


It’s my favourite browser for a long time, too ^w^

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Y-your my favorite!
wait this isn’t the poll thread

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:flushed: Y-you’re not the poll thread! ^w^

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