Tips for beginners

Hey, I’m technically new to wanikani, as before I started it after I did hiragana, left it, went a did katakana, came back, reset my account data, and now I understand everything better, but would there be some tricks, tips and maybe some recommendations for ways for me to remember things, I can’t really think of anything else, so just give me tips that you think might be useful

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  1. Maybe for the first few levels its ok, but after the first few, I definitely recommend pacing yourself. Spreading out your lessons spreads out your reviews, and you as long as you prioritize radicals, you won’t affect your speed too much.

  2. Do your reviews every day (or multiple times a day) if you can. It stops reviews from piling up.

  3. Use the mnemonics, or make your own. Personally, I recommend changing mnemonics at least to the point where they are consistent. For example, if you use “rowing a boat” to remember the "りょう” sound, always use “rowing the boat.” Also, if you use that, don’t use “rowing the boat” to also remember “ろう.” Consistency is the key to good mnemonics.

I’m sure there’s tons of good advice out there, but I think those are my top three.

4 (Because I just thought of it). Utilize Kaniwani. WK does good kanji to english, or kanji to japanese, but doesn’t necessarily do well doing Japanese to English or English to Japanese. Kaniwani works on these, and if you start that when you start WK, it’s not so overwhelming.


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Try and do the first two reviews for new items as soon as they come up. One will be 4h after the lesson, and the next will be 8h after that. Also make sure you spend time on lessons and dont just fly through them. It’ll save you work.

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(Technically, this is a welcome message - not a tip or a trick.)

In this realm, you will find life forms that seek to reach the point beyond kanji enlightenment (The Burning of Turtles). Worshippers of the Crabigator come in all forms - lovely humans, mythical creatures, the brightest and most colorful fruits, vegetables to feed your soul, a poll option you should always choose… and even bittersweet chocolate disguised as hostile “little pods”.

Now, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The WaniKani FAQ which gives you the 101 on
    a) Before You Join
    b) Common First-Level Problems
    c) The Basics
    d) Learning Method
    e) Account
    f) Sect Names Other :durtle_officer:

  2. The WaniKani Guide (…also known as “how I learned to learn ~2,000 kanji.”)

  3. The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! which is a long and thorough list of Japanese resources that the community has worked hard to gather together and is consistently being updated.

  4. The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps that enhances your learning experience with WaniKani.

See you around! If you have any questions, just ask. We don’t bite much. :sparkles:

Also, know that @shadykit is the best.


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