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Hello Wanikani Family my name is Ana and I am excited to be a part of this awesome community. So far I have learned a lot doing my reviews but I will honest I have not been so consistent any tips on how I can be more focus and get to level 2? Thank you!


Welcome! Just keep working with the system, it will all get learned. It just takes time. It also takes a while to get into the habit of having a routine. For now, try deciding on a specific time (or two or three) every day when you can do your reviews, and stick with it. Then celebrate your successes.


Welcome @anar1112

Firstly, I highly recommend checking out the FAQ if you haven’t already, and the unoffical FAQ might also be a help. There’s also numerous guides scattered throughout the forums, and advice, tips, and tricks from people who have reached level 60. You can find a helpful thread which contains links to many of those here, and in particular, I recommend the comprehensive strategy guide written by @jprspereira.

Regarding consistency, you might find it helpful to choose a time that suits you (example 30 minutes every morning and afternoon - or in a way that lines up with your reviews) and make working on WK a part of your routine. Then, it becomes less of an ad-lib process and more of an automatic habit that makes consistency much less of an effort.

If you mean consistency as in how well you learn/remember the items, I have a few tips.

  • The WK mnemonics are fantastic, especially at the beginning when you’re new to SRS learning, but they’re not infallible. If you come across a mnemonic that doesn’t seem very memorable to you, feel free to make your own by adding it to the notes section during lessons.
  • If you can’t think of a mnemonic for an item or don’t want to make one, but you’re still struggling to remember the meaning or reading, I find it helpful to retype the main points from the mnemonic in the notes. Even the simple act of typing out that little story while looking at the kanji/vocab etc can help it stick in your mind.
  • What we call “self-study” can also be helpful. In my case, when I can, I go back to my lessons/review pages about 5-10 minutes after a lesson/review and try to recall the items I learned, or the items I failed in review. Doing this just after you learn them can help boost your retention for those first 4h reviews, and it can help you with items that you’ve just failed in review.

Regarding planning reviews, there is a whole host of scripts that you can install to help show you when your reviews will come up and what you can expect.You can find a guide on how to install the necessary software and the scripts themselves in the API thread. I particularly love the dashboard progress plus script and ultimate timeline scripts.

The guide above and many of the level 60 threads/posts contain lots of good advice. Not all of it will suit you, but some of it may appeal to you. Pick and choose the strategies you think you can leverage best. Sorry if this was information overload! Hope this helps! :smiley:


If you mean inconsistant in terms of not doing your reviews regularly, i recommend a fixed time a day to get a routine. Soon enough it’ll be like brushign your teath or eating breakfast (which you can do while learning kanji).
If you struggle with the mnemonics, try your own. And remember, mnemonics are supposed to be a story to remember. Try to imagine the things and not just read them. Also try experimenting to find your style. I sometimes consider the amount of phones (or letters) a WaniKani mnemonic tries to cover, too large. I like to have a mnemonic for max 2 phones and then reuse the same everytime i stumble upon the same again.
Also the more ridiculous the better the story sticks. And making it a little longer than 1 sentence, then I start remembering some fragments of the story and soon enough it’ll all come back to memory.

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Hi Ana, welcome to :crabigator:

I’ve been inconsistent too and Idk how I’ve been here for more than a year :angrymami: . I do WK-ing at least twice a day, morning and afternoon. Just like someone had posted above, it’s like brushing teeth, it became my habit, the thing is I don’t always brush my teeth, sometimes I don’t brush my teeth for a month. こまったね。but I always got back to WK in the end.

Hi Ana! and welcome to the community.

If you want to move up the levels, ideally you should do your reviews 3 times a day. Maybe 8h, 12h and at 20h (or a similar interval). But it really boils down to your availability and dailly schedule. How much time you can commit to wanikani everyday? At the very least your should do at least once a day (everyday), lest your reviews accumulate and become too much to handle. Good luck !

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