What is your one best advice you would give other WaniKani users?

Mine would be: Check out the vocab that comes with the kanji!

Often you already know a vocab word and then kanji reading and meaning goes straight into your head!
And if not, you can still already see where the kanji is going.

You will never forget that 申 reads もう when cheking out the vocab 申し申し , right when you learn the kaji (for me 申し申し was the 2nd japanese word i heard after sushi)


dont rush yourself or youll get super burnt out and not wanna continue speaking from personal experience


Don’t abuse reorder and double-check scripts.


It doesn’t matter if you do 1 or 100 lessons / reviews a day, but keep your routine, try to stick to a regular routine to create an habit and motivate yourself. So you don’t have to think about doing your reviews but it becomes a force of habit.

Personally I do 3 sessions a day, and the first one is for lessons as well, and I build my japanese study routine around these sessions (JPDB, Grammar, etc…).

I think routine is the most important thing for people (like me) who really aren’t self responsible.


No days off. Ever. Even if you are busy or sick.


Try not to get angry/frustrated and demotivated if and when you have days where you’re suddenly forgetting a ton of items and making a lot of dumb mistakes, that’s just part of the learning process.
Build a stable daily routine and stick to it.


Don’t strictly adhere by community suggestions, they reflect the collective experience of other users. Finding the right way to do things for you means taking the time to experiment and iterate.


Don’t get trapped in comfort learning materials such that you don’t push yourself outside them, WK included. Once you have some amount of grammar and basic words down, it’s time to start reading. The exact tolerance point likely varies in individual tastes. For one data point, personally I was able to trudge through basic manga after N4 (Genki 1 and 2 for me), though I used graded readers from the start. The time to read is probably earlier than you think you should and when it still feels bad to do. There are plenty of Japanese success stories that say they wish they had started trying even earlier.


While WK is all about reading comprehension, remember to look for audio media you enjoy! :headphones:


Sometimes, basic listening can help with reading, even if you are studying Japanese primarily to read. It can help with vocabularies and Kanji as well.


If you have an oven with a microwave, always check twice what it’s set to before using it.


Don’t hold off until a certain WK level until you start with other things (especially grammar, but also learning non-WK vocab on the side, reading, listening, or writing). When you are interested in those other things, jump right in whenever you feel like!

(Except for grammar. Start studying grammar as soon as possible even if you don’t feel like it. It’s not optional :grin:)


comfort is the enemy of progress.


Get on the addons ASAP. My core setup has back-to-back reading → meaning (Reorder Omega) Anki-mode reviews (with sound on reading reveal), double-check, and anime sentences for context. The vanilla WK experience is very limiting and slows you down a lot. Make use of the tools that people have created!


I’ve been wondering about those apps, I’m not sure what I’m missing without the reorder. Do those tools only work on the website? I am mostly studying WK from my phone and using the Flaming Durtle app.

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The Flaming Durtle app offers all of the above except anime sentences. Dig around the settings; you might need to reveal the advanced lesson/review settings for more powerful reordering and undo functionality.

It’s up to you how you use them. As @ccookf said earlier in the thread, you should experiment with these things and find out how you can best use them.


Add on to @ccookf’s advice, any time you get advice that is absolute (this is the right way, that is wrong), take out your salt shaker and sprinkle liberally. All our brains are unique and the best way for one person might be the exact opposite of another’s, and usually your way will be a mix of a lot of different people’s ways of doing things (so a good place to find ways to experiment is to see how other people do things).


This might be oddly specific but…use twitter for reading comprehension with their list feature. :blush:
That feature allows you to have 1 feed only with those peoples posts. I like some japanese idols and entertainers so I usually save those users in a list on Twitter and if I want to do some reading practice, I open my twitter list. It’s is great for seeing how far you’ve come, is fun as the texts are pretty short and really helps me to recognize things I just learned in WaniKani.


Ah, I didn’t know that, what a relief! Thanks a lot, will have a look at the settings

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I both kinda agree and disagree.

I agree with you two generally speaking that you will get a lot of advice that isn’t going to end up being great for you. I don’t think our brains are different in the sense that we learn different since science seems to suggest otherwise, but I mean everyone does have different interests, life situations, goals, available time, etc…

As a result though, if you find people who were in a similar situation with similar constraints, a similar mindset, and achieved the goals you want to do, I think its actually a really smart idea to adhere to their advice as a beginner. Its no guarantee that it will work out, but probability wise you are giving yourself the best shot at figuring your shit out early. The key lies in finding the right people to listen to, is all. And personally, I think if you’re able to tune out all the people with completely different situations, goals, and interests from you and the people who didn’t achieve what you want in the first place, I think you’ll realize what’s left is a lot of people saying pretty much the same thing.