[Tip] Tired of clicking the "search" icon?

Tired of being in reviews, trying to remember something else, and having to go through the whole process of opening wk in a new tab, clicking on search, typing your thing…?

What if I told you you could instead hit ctrl+t, just type “wk teach” and enter, and voila?

This is possible through “site search” in chrome settings. Works great for Jisho too:

Just set it up like this, with the following url:


And you’re good to go. You should be able to type “wk ” into your browser search bar to take you straight to wanikani results. Happy crabigating.

I just write j and hit tab for jisho since it’s on my frequent sites, don’t even have to add a shortcut.


I have the shortcut “j” set up to search Jisho