Duckduckgo has a bang for!

Hey all. I just randomly tested a bang for jisho and it works! If you use DDG as your default, you can search in jisho simply by typing !ji (what you want to search) or !jisho (what you want to search). This can help you look things up super fast on the fly.

"Oh, what did the verb kuu mean again? Oh let me check. ctrl+t, !ji kuu - done. Also works for searching with kanji.


I don’t know if you know you can also do that in Chrome. Ctrl + T, ji + Tab.
Works for a lot of sites.



You just made my life so much better :slight_smile: お願いします

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I don’t have chrome on here to test at the moment, but does that let you search in jisho or does it just bring up the homepage?

It lets you search.

Have you installed yomichan? That’s incredibly useful too (I’m a recent convert).

I just bookmarked jisho on Chrome. All I have to do is click on it.

ji + tab works on chrome mac, you are a savior :100:

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Yeah, I’ve probably used this shortcut over a hundred times since I saw it here. @kazzeon is a legend. :slight_smile:

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