Idea for the site: "Press Tab to Search"

When I type in the URL of most sites like Youtube or, it allows me to search in the URL by pressing TAB. Especially with Jisho, I use this to search things pretty fast.

“Highlight text> CTRL+C> CTRL+T> ‘’> TAB> CTRL+V”

That sequence may look over complicated, but I do that very subconsciously and in less than 2 seconds. With Wanikani, I have to first go to the site, wait for it to load, then go the search bar.

I realize that Wanikani doesn’t have a really extensive search feature by itself, and others are probably wondering why’d someone would want want in the first place, right? Personally I think other people could find their own reasons, but mine is kind of specific.

I use Wanikani kind of as a self-known dictionary bank. If I find a piece of text with Kanji that I may not know, I usually search in Wanikani for them all to (1). see if it’s in Wanikani at all (and if it isn’t, then make plans to memorize it) or 2. see if I actually did know a kanji and wasn’t able to recognize it in the wild.

Now some miscellaneous, slightly related, slightly unrelated questions. Is it good for me to do my Kanji learning ONLY through Wanikani? I do a lot of learning outside of Wanikani, but I’m being a perfectionist in memorizing everything only in Wanikani so I don’t have confusions in the future. Also, does anybody know an equivalent of Wanikani for Chinese?


Would be simpler to have the search textbox already highlighted since there is nothing else that the user can type in the dashboard.

I agree, this would be nice as native functionality. Right now I use this script which does basically the same thing.


But then you still have to navigate to WaniKani first. It really is convenient being able to search a website from the browser bar.

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