Feature request: dedicated search page

(I recognize that this is a request for a non-trivial change that would require a good amount of work…)

It would be really nice if WaniKani had a dedicated search results page with a nice HTTP GET parameter, so that I could set up a Chrome search engine shortcut to WaniKani results. I currently use jisho.org for basically all my kanji/vocab searches, and tangorin.com for names, like so:

uketamawaru - Jisho.org or

But in the Chrome address bar, I can just type “j uketamawaru” and it automatically constructs the right URL and goes to the jisho.rg results page for “uketamawaru”. Same with Tangorin: I type “jn inoue” and it goes to the right page.

Because the WaniKani search is completely within the page, there’s no URL for it to construct:

I.e., even though I searched for “to care about” and got a result, the page URL didn’t change, so there’s no way to go directly to it using a search engine shortcut.

Anyway, if there were something like WaniKani / Search that would show some results, I would probably switch my searches over to it. Does anyone else care about this?

I wrote a userscript as a workaround for this because I also wanted to use a custom Chrome search. Would of course be nice to have this as a real feature, it is not the first time this was requested but there was no response last time this was requested.


Very nice! That’s basically exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Now if the search box only accepted romaji… :smiley:

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