Extension to look up kanji in Wanikani from any site?

When reading in Chrome, I constantly have Wanikani open in case I don’t recognise a kanji.
It would be great if, instead of copy/pasting the kanij in the Wanikani search bar, I could simply right-click on the kanji in the webpage I’m reading, and ask Chrome to take me to the Wanikani search result page for said kanji.

Does something like this exist?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Looking through The New And Improved List Of API And Third Party Apps, it seems that WaniKani Kanji Highlighter does what you are looking for. And it seems there is also a Right Click Context Menu extension. I don’t know if either of those still work though.

if you’re wanting to look them up specifically in WK, see above.

if you want an instant lookup for any kanji and vocabulary, you might want a browser extension like 10ten. it puts a dictionary directly at your fingertips. the link is to the firefox version, but these exist for multiple browsers.

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Out of curiosity, why a page in WaniKani specifically? A more versatile tool would be something like Yomichan.


The contect menu extension does exactly that (and it still works) - thank you so much!

I also tried the Highlighter, but it doesn’t seem to work very well (it keeps blacklisting websites by itself, it seems).

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I do use Yomichan (and similars), but sometimes I want to check the mnemonics for a kanji I should already know - hence the use of WaniKani.

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