Vacation mode messed up my srs schedule!

Srs should retain it’s previous schedule when you are going to vacation mode, now the srs still didnt understood iam not living in west coast usa …
Or it’s could be back to a default srs schedule related to your time zone.
Most of my review are occuring during my sleep now … so i wake up with the joy of having 150 review in one shot, it’s not enjoyable at all.
If i knew i would never had used vacation mode, first and last time playing with it for me.

How can it retain its previous schedule? The schedule has nothing to do with time zones, but with when you do reviews. If you put on vacation mode for 5 hours, it shifts your schedule by 5 hours. What else would you have it do?

By the way, just don’t do all your reviews in the morning. If you do your reviews when your normally would, your schedule will reset back to your normal schedule within 2-3 weeks.

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within 2 - 3 week :dizzy_face: , well i will pace myself i think , how do you stop reviewing when you only do half of it let say ? ( because quitting like that do a little rolback i noticed )

Is putting it in vacation again to have review at the righttime is an option since you said it’s shifting time ?

If you do it right away (before your schedule starts to readjust too much), sure. I used to do this from time to time to shift my review schedule.

During reviews there’s a “wrap up” button which will finish the session after 10 more reviews, without causing the rollback you mentioned.

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If vacation mode didn’t freeze the SRS schedule, then how would it be different from not enabling vacation mode?

not having to do the review… :wink:

I was thinking it’s will freeze the review not reset the whole schedule. or the whole ml algorithm. I dont mind it reporting the review but keeping my original schedule was important, since it took time for wanikani to learn it.

WaniKani doesn’t learn your schedule. You learnt WaniKani’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im back to basic wanikani slave :sob:


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