Times don't show up when hovering

The “next review” hovers don’t work on both the home page and on radical/kanji/vocab pages. The pointer with the question mark shows up, but the tooltip with the time doesn’t show up.

Sounds like it’s time to upgrade the ol’ RDS instance again @viet

EDIT: Another option might be to stop depending on rails ORM and use performant native SQL >.> shots fired

But in all seriousness, @seanblue can you post a screenshot?

Is the tooltip here what you’re talking about? It doesn’t show up for me either. What browser are you using? I’m on Chrome.

It is a Javascript issue.

Just Chrome, or other browsers?

All browsers. We cleaned up our assets a while back and it broke some minor user facing items. We will take care of it.


Good deal, in all seriousness, we respect what you guys do!

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