Review time glitch

On my old computer, when it was time for reviews, the “Next review” field would say “Available Now” when it was time.

On my new computer, it never says “Available Now,” it just sits on “< 1 minute”

What’s going on??

Have you tried refreshing the page about 1 minute later?
I do remember hearing about a related issue about a week ago, though.

EDIT: Seems it was two weeks ago. See this, this, and this.

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This happens sometimes when you let the countdown run with the page open. I’d say it’s an expected and normal behavior.
Whenever I see “< 1 minute” I just interpret it as “review time!”

I saw this yesterday. I had reviews available, but I believe it still said “< 1 minute” even after I refreshed the page.

I was wondering: after the timer goes to “available now”, why doesn’t the “Reviews” circle on to automatically change from 0 to the actual number? I always reload …

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