"< 1 minute" on dashboard even when reviews are available

I sent an email about this bug, but never got a response, so I decided to make a topic too.

Recently when I already have reviews available, it says “< 1 minute” instead of “Available Now”. Interestingly, after that minute has passed it does change to “Available Now”. But if I refresh, it goes back to “< 1 minute”. This occurs without any scripts running.


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To be fair, it’s not wrong…


I wonder how the math is working. Could be an issue where WK tells the client side at what time your reviews are coming, and the client does the math. And if your clock and WK server clocks differ slightly…

I’ve seen this too. As a brand new user it was a little confusing, and I ended up leaving the page and coming back later thinking that if I waited I would have more to review.


I’ve been seeing this frequently too

I’ve only seen this on mobile. I always just figured it had something to do with my odd phone and ignored it.

I’ve noticed the same. I’ve never thought it worth making a fuss, because I can see the reviews waiting in the header bar anyway.

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t bother making a topic at first, but these little things get annoying after a while.

Like on the dashboard, when you hover over the time until next review, it shows the pointer with question mark. It used to show the actual time the review would appear in a tooltip, but that stopped working months ago. Not that showing the actual time is needed, but then why still show the pointer with the question mark? *shrug*

I get this too! Drives me bonkers.

I’m so glad you made this topic because that little question mark has been driving me crazy (I joined post-removal of that feature, I guess, so I had no idea why it existed in the first place).

I’ve always had the ‘<1’ bug, since joining in November - didn’t realize it was a recent thing. I also find it weird how the time will update without needing a page refresh, but neither the number of reviews shown in the review bubble nor the ‘next hour’ space will update without a page refresh.

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Don’t worry, it’s just Javascript being Javascript.

I don’t know if there’s a lot of developers/computer scientists down here. Please forgive my nerdiness.

I really miss that feature! It was super handy.

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