Review forecast bug

The review forecast is not showing me when the next reviews will be held. No issue seeing upcoming reviews on flaming durtles app. It’s only the website that has been buggy.

Edit: FINALLY solved the issue. It turned out to be a timezone problem with Edge browser. For some reason the browser was set in a different timezone? It is fixed now!

Can you show a screenshot or something?

Which is untrue because I have many reviews incoming before 2 pm… It is currently 7:29 am Thursday morning when I posted this.

That’s weird. Maybe it’s a timezone issue? I don’t remember if there were timezone issues in the past.

Doubt it. Been using wanikani for a long while now. Never had this issue before.

Alright. Well, if the staff doesn’t respond in a day or two you may want to email them. They don’t always see these posts in a timely manner.

So an update. This seems to be an issue with edge browser. Not an issue on other browsers.

How odd. Are you using the new Chromium Edge browser or the older one? Chromium Edge should be basically the same as Chrome itself.

The default windows 10 edge browser. It’s really starting to piss me off. My time zone settings are all fine, but when I log in on edge broswer, it’s like I’m going back in time, and I am somewhere else. How can I have reviews today and thursday, when today is thursday for F sakes.

This is only on the edge browser.

That depends on your version of windows 10 and if you take optional updates.

The old Edge browser’s icon looks similar to the Internet Explorer icon: like a blue letter e.

The Chromium Edge browser looks like this:

Note that the old Edge browser is out of support as of a few weeks ago and will be replaced with Chromium Edge in a future Windows update, so you might as well update to the Chromium Edge browser if you haven’t already.

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Thanks for the info! Yeah, that’s the one I have.

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