Timer before next review?

Sorry if this already exist… It’s been a while since I used wanikani and I just did a reset to lvl 1 since I had forgot lots of things. I remember that before we had some kind of timer to tell us when our next review was, but I can’t find them anymore, and the interface seems to have changed.

Also, right after my reset and first lesson, I had a full screen blue page pop-up that showed me the time, and since then I’m unable to make that appears again or to just see it somewhere on the website.


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There’s a Review Forecast to the right of the screen:

Screenshot 2020-10-12 073114

The timings of all your upcoming reviews are there. This has replaced the Next Review timer.

Welcome back, and 頑張(がんば)ってね!


The blue screen you speak of is part of the current onboarding process, so it’s not meant to be accessible again. But it seems it’s not aware whether a user has reset to level 1 or joined initially, so you got the “new user” treatment as well.


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