Exiting a test before I finish. New lesson bug?

Hi! I’m new to Wanikani and I’m currently still at level 1. I wanted to see if what I experienced was normal. I have done WaniKani more than a week now so I’m used to the timing interval. Normally what would happen to me is

  1. I take a lesson
  2. Wait for a few hours
  3. Do a review
  4. Wait for a few hours
  5. Do a review
    Sometimes if I perfect a review a new lesson pops up without the time interval and it goes back to step 1

But yesterday I experienced something different

  1. I took a review (26 vocab)
  2. Midway through the review I grew frustrated as I didn’t know the kanji reading so I click the home button on the upper left
  3. I’m back at the dashboard and there’s a new lesson with 2 vocab
  4. I took that lesson. Finished it and returned to the dashboard.
  5. The old review was still available (it’s the old one since it doesn’t include the two new vocab and it shows 26 vocab) so I took it again. Midway through it I got frustrated again so I clicked the home button again on the upper left.
  6. Now I’m back at the dashboard again. This time there’s a new lesson with 13 vocab.

All of this happened without any time intervals. Step 3 was weird enough since I didn’t finish the review yet but it might be normal. But I’ve never experienced step 6 before. I ended up finishing the review first before continuing to new lesson with 13 vocab. Nothing new popped up this time.

My question is, is this normal or is this a bug because I left the review midway?

PS I know now that I just need to click the middle button below the question to see the answer so I’m not going to exit the review in the middle of it anymore.

When you level up your radicals to guru 1, new kanji becomes available, and when you level up your kanji to guru 1, new vocabulary lessons become availabe. Could you be doing just that during your reviews?

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I’m not sure. It’s just that in my exp while finishing a test can open up new vocab, a newer set of vocab won’t immediately appear before you take a test (not just the practice quiz) for the new vocab.

I’m not sure what you mean by “test”, since that’s not the language that Wanikani uses, so I’m not sure what problem you’re having. Did you check out the FAQ? https://knowledge.wanikani.com/

It might help people understand your problem if you posted a screenshot of your dashboard?

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Could you show us an image? Your question is somewhat unclear.

Like what @boromeron said, you unlock new items when radicals or kanji reach guru status. Items are instantly unlocked, so they’re available even if you haven’t finished all your reviews (I assume you’re referring to reviews as “tests”, right?).

I’ve actually used this to my advantage before. If I want to get some new kanji learned I’ll rush through my reviews until I guru the radicals I want and then I’ll leave the review session early to learn the new kanji. I always recommend finishing your review pile before doing lessons though :slightly_smiling_face:

Updated my post to use the proper vocab

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of it. I did update my post to show a step by step of what happened.

Updated my post to reflect what happened. I was already a guru when it happened.

Okay, umm, I’m not entirely sure what could be going on based on the way you described it. Just to clarify, by “vocab”, do you mean radicals, kanji, and vocabulary words, or just the vocabulary words? (Radicals are the blue cards, kanji are pink, and vocab is purple.) Because if the latter, then there should have been no reason for you to get new lessons after the reviews. There isn’t any bug that I’ve heard of that occurs if you quit reviews before finishing. But new lessons being opened after guru’ing radicals/kanji during reviews, even if you don’t complete all of them, is perfectly normal.

Here’s what I think could have happened:
You said that you quit the review midway through-- that means that you completed some of them, right? You guru’d one or two of those items, which unlocked two vocab words. By the time you finished the lesson, a new hour had started (ex. you had done step 1 at 11 something, when you did step 5, it was 12 something), which added the same amount of reviews as the ones you completed in Step 1. Then in Step 5, you guru’d more radicals/kanji, which opened the 13 new lessons.

Not quite sure what this means, you can’t be a guru, guru is a level for each specific item. I think that it’s likely that you guru’d a few items, but not all of them, which is why you were unlocking new lessons.

But, honestly, I’m just speculating, I can’t really tell what happened if you aren’t more specific about which items you did during the reviews before you quit and which lessons opened up afterwards.


Yes vocab means vocab, not radicals or kanji. I made sure to use the right terms this time around. But that part regarding guruing certain vocab during reviews can lead to opening new lesson can explain it. (i.e. one the first interrupted take I guru’ed one or two of the vocab, which led to the first lesson unlock, while on the second interrupted take I guru’ed one or two new vocab, which led to the second lesson unlock)

Thanks thanks

Guru’ing only vocab should never lead to lessons unlocked. Unless you use a script that limits the amount of lessons shown based on number of apprentice items.

Basically, when you guru a radical, you unlock new kanji. When you guru a kanji, you unlock new vocab.

So, could you specify exactly which items you guru’d, by taking a screenshot of the summary page?

Also, have you seen the ‘info’ button you can click after you entered an answer during reviews? It’s the middle button under the text bar. You can also press ‘F’ to open it. You don’t have to end your reviews to see the item info.

There is also a ‘wrap up’ button. This is the leftmost button under the textbar. This will let you stop the review after ten more items correct. This way you can stop a session half way, and no items are left half done.

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