Three lvl 9 radicals making me wait longer to review

I’ve got kind of a strange bug. I started Level 9 on February 13th at 5am, and completed the lessons for all 20 radicals before 6am. I completed the third review for all 20 yesterday afternoon between 4pm and 5pm, meaning their next review should be 48 hours after that. This is reflected correctly as normal in 17 of them, which all say “Started: Feb 13 at 5:xx AM. Next Review: Feb 16 at 4:00 PM”. However 2 of them say “Next Review: Feb 16 at 8:00 PM” and 1 of them says “Next Review: Feb 16 at 10:00 PM”. I noticed this when glancing through my reviews on the Tsurukame app. At first I assumed it must be a glitch in the app, so I logged into the WK website directly and although I don’t see the exact times like the Tsurukame app shows, it does say “about 19 hours” for 17 of them, and “about 23 hours” for 2 and “a day” for the last.

Now, a few hours isn’t a huge deal, but I’ve never seen this happen before. I haven’t made a single mistake on any of the Level 9 radicals (messed up a few kanji and vocab but none of the radicals) and all of their reviews were completed within the same hour every time, so I’m confused as to why they are showing different times.

Any ideas? Is there any way to see more granular info on each radical as to when WK thinks I did the reviews?

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This is likely a bug/issue with the Tsurukame app. Have you messaged/contacted them?


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