RESOLVED - It's taking forever to level up even at level one. Please fix it!

Edit: Problem resolved. I was doing reviews over and over again instead of lessons because I didn’t know how to access them. I’ll edit my post to help in case anybody else has the same issue as me.

I signed up about two weeks ago and did the first level of radicals. I passed them several times, most often perfectly but I made a few mistakes here and there. For instance, I put Sword instead of Power a few times before correcting straight away.

Unfortunately I keep getting thrown back into apprentice territory meaning I have to do all these radicals again in every reviews rather than being able to unlock new material.

I made the above mistake because I’ve spent 5 days waiting for the review to open. I had all the first set of radicals at Guru level before doing it. Now after forgetting two of them the ‘game’ stalls me.

In the meantime I’m learning the kanji by looking at them on the kanji page ( The system won’t quiz me on any of these though because it thinks I haven’t proceeded past the first set of radicals.

Whilst I’d love to subscribe this is really off-putting and maybe broken. Is there something wrong?


Sword and Power are not the same thing… Are you thinking of 刀 and 力?

Anyway, can you show us a screenshot of your dashboard?

If you guru’d radicals, you should have kanji lessons available (top left of homepage)

Ah yes you’re right on that. I can only apologise but I put power straight after so don’t think it warrants being punished like that. It’d be better if the system supported my answer, showing the difference between the two.

I’ll endeavour to take a screenshot for you when I get home. Is it normal for the system to wait 5 days before allowing for a lesson review? It sounded abnormal at the time…

No, you should have plenty of kanji lessons available. That’s all I want to see in the screenshot.

Hmm I don’t think I’m quite getting what you mean :thinking:

So are you telling me you don’t see any lessons available on the top left of your homepage?


Or are you saying you already did unlock the kanji lessons?

When you guru the radicals, it unlocks the corresponding kanji lessons, and when you do the lessons you need to do the quiz at the end which will then put them into your review queue

Done what 10 times? Your kanji lessons? How are you doing them? Are you clicking through them to the end? Or are you looking at them and then jumping to different kanji via the navigation at the bottom. A lesson only gets completed when you click through it to the next one, not from jumping via that navigation at the bottom. That’s for going back if you think you need more time on one item.

OP has 24 guru and 2 apprentice. They have not done any kanji lessons so far and should have lots of them available. If they don’t they should email our overlords.

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Welcome to Wanikani (run while you still can)

I can understand why you find level one so stressful, there are a lot of threads like this so it’s not just you. It’s just a matter of getting used to the system which, while overwhelming and confusing for someone new, is just fine (why are you still reading this far? didn’t I tell you to run?). Check this guide out, it’ll make things make a lot more sense. If you don’t feel like reading all that, just read the scheduling part (section 4) since it’s the most important.

Good luck :+1:

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Okay so I think this is the issue I’ve been having and I feel very dumb now.

The system didn’t inform me that reaching Guru level for radicals opened up new lessons. I was effectively doing the same initial radical review over and over again because I thought that was the only thing open to me. After seeing your post, I realise that it clearly says 18 lessons are available. It’s this screen ( I actually thought the screen was broken as it’s mostly blank.

This is totally my mistake but I wonder if there should be a prompt to let users know that new lessons are available? I didn’t skip the tutorial but I was new at the time so it probably went over my head.

Thanks for your help!


Just to let you know, I’ve realised what I was doing wrong. It’s explained in the post above.

Thanks for your help. My first post was full of frustration so I apologise if I came across poorly :slight_smile:

Thanks dude!

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I think you receive periodic emails notifying the user of review/lessons available, and it’s loosely described in the tutorial


But also described in much more detail in the Guide (I recommend checking out the FAQ as well if you haven’t already, lots of helpful advice in there)

I’m glad you were able to resolve it though, WaniKani really is an incredible service so I hope you can continue to get the most out of it ^^

Welcome to the community! :crabigator::sparkles:

You can adjust this in user settings if desired.


Yep seems I was receiving those emails but it was sending me to the lesson page whenever I clicked on them. Again, I didn’t realise I was supposed to click on ‘start session’ in the top right corner.

I’ll make sure to check out the FAQ. Thanks!


wk could go to a dedicated “hey, your first kanji are available, and this is how you do it” page once, when they unlock at level 1, kind of like a tutorial.

this isn’t the first such posting, and most people don’t bother with FAQs on some random webpage with a trial (which wk is at that stage).

totally worth adding that imo.


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