Thoughts on the removal of the Review Summary (spoiler...I'm OK with it)

So after doing reviews for a few days without the summary page, I think I’m starting to understand the decision to remove it (at least for me).

I found myself getting really hung up on not getting anything wrong in the review. If I did, I would beat myself up over not recieving a “perfect score” on the summary screen. This started getting to me around level 6, when I was missing upwards of 15% on some larger reviews.

It created a feeling of dread about going into the review process, knowing that I was holding myself up to this standard of scoring 100%.

But the point of review isn’t to get a high score, it’s to keep things at the top of your memory so they eventually get etched in there. And the summary page isn’t really doing anything to help with that. It’s pretty obvious to me as I go through the reviews whether or not I’m forgetting a large percentage of the items.

Basically, by removing the review summary, it removes that anxiety about getting one wrong and seeing that “bad report card” at the end.

So, I’m fine with the summary being gone. And the black border around the input field is now a nice, light blue.

The ENTER key still doesn’t advance the lessons, and I’m still annoyed by that beause I have to think about the D key every time I need to use it. If that can be returned to functionality I’d be happy.


For me it isn’t about the % of right or wrong answers whatsoever, it’s the possibility of seeing which items I got wrong and working on them immediately if needed. I don’t really care how many of the answers I got right or about a “score”, but when I do get wrong answers I like to see them right after the session so I can review the item pages of those who are most problematic.


That’s exactly what I’ve been using the summary page for.
I have a lot of vocabulary items I confuse because they have the same reading, and kanji items I confuse because they look similar, and I used to look at the summary page, see what I got wrong, and write the items in a document when I compared them to similar items.
I can still do that now, but I have to stop in the middle of a review session to write the items down, instead of waiting until the end of the session.

I don’t feel that losing the summary page is as horrible to my learning process as it seems to be for other users, but it is a little annoying.


Yeah, I guess the reasoning behind the removal is that there is the “recent mistakes” extra study feature, but IMO it doesn’t replace the summary completely.
In a review session I might come across certain items (which I get wrong) that spark a certain connection to other items with which I might have mixed up, and being able to do a quick check / review right after the session is very important. If I just go to recent mistakes I’ll just review the items again but they’re lost in the middle of many others.


It’s just an educated guess but I’m 90% certain that the removal of the page was mainly for technical reasons and not pedagogical ones. They reworked the review system to remove the concept of a session (hence no timeouts anymore etc…) and as a result the summary page didn’t really make sense from a technical perspective and they thought that the extra study would suffice.

Not that it invalidates the rest of your argument.


There’s a button for “Recent Mistakes” in the Extra Study section of the Dashboard that immediately enters into a review of your recent mistakes.

Like I said, for me it turned out to be a good thing, even though I was complaining about it on the initial post announcing the changes.

Yeah, as I said above,

I don’t really want to necessarily review over and over again the items I got wrong. I’d benefit more in seeing which ones I got wrong and being able to open their item pages to study and compare them to things I was mixing up with. The Recent Mistakes option is just an extra review, but it doesn’t have a summary page either so… :person_shrugging:


Rather know what I get wrong so I can change it, than get a false sense of comfort.


You still know if you got things wrong, though.

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I agree with you.
I am surprised with myself, having grumbled about not having review summary, I now discover, I prefer just going to my mistakes and I don’t miss review summary at all. I feel as though I have more time and everything feels more streamlined. I only use Wanikani and never use scripts, and I use my iPad, which simplifies everything any way. So yes I am a convert:)

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Ngl, after doing reviews I now realize how much I used the review summary.

Not necessarily to know which items I got wrong or the percentage of correct answers, but rather to know how many of the items I finished in a session where Apprentice, Guru, Master, Enlightened.

I much preferred to be able to cut a session short, check the summary and then decide on a set number of more reviews, making sure none of them went over 20 items for a specific SRS-level. Now, I’m reviewing in the blind, with no idea of what kind of pile-ups I’m creating for upper SRS level items coming back to haunt me. :sweat_smile:

@mods is there any thoughts as to adding back some of that functionality, as it’s just a very good way to know how to not set yourself up for a future review bomb coming back at you, just because you pushed too many items to master in one session? Best would be if the information of correctly answered items going up to Apprentice, Guru, Master, Enlightened - showed during the review session itself. Maybe like a discreet counter up in the corner, to let you get a feel for the numbers of items we’re talking about and giving you an idea about your future review schedule from the ongoing session.


I have the exact opposite feeling - the Summary Page was a great source of motivation, especially when I had a huge batch of reviews to tackle. Now, it doesn’t feel like I ‘accomplished’ anything - it just ends and goes back to the main page.


Hey ekg!

We are thinking of ways to implement aspects of the summary page in some form or fashion back into the lesson and review process. We had to remove it because part of our goal in this update was to remove review sessions and session timeouts, so it needed to go.

We are thinking of ways to properly replace it, but we will just need a bit of time to brainstorm those ideas. I have sent your message to the team for further review so they will see it. :eyes:

Let me know if you have any more questions!

-Nick at WK


It’s funny, I absolutely didn’t mind the summary page being gone during my first few reviews. It felt like a nice speedup. But on a longer review session I did find that I kind of wanted to glance through it. I guess it’s nice to know when I fall below 80% success. That was about the time I figured I should avail myself of some of the extra review features. Which in itself was an eye opener. Loosing the context of similar radicals, those leeches become even harder.

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I really don’t have a lot of skin in this game, as I use FlamingDurtles, but you should really work on streamlining your corporate communication. With the previous announcement, it sounded like you were already working on a summary page replacement: Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live - #1230 by TofuguJenny

Your comment however makes it sound like you haven’t even started considering whether to do anything about it or not.


I would even take one more step back and say: they should work on figuring out and establishing their priorities. No matter where they are in their thought process regarding a new summary page, they just can’t rip out the old page before the new one is in place. (Unless they have no idea how important a feature the summary page is.)
If they don’t know the value of the various WK features for the end users, they should go and learn about that in the first place. If they know, they should first design and implement a new feature before destroying the old one.


I mean, yes, but I was commenting on their corporate communication (which includes things like a developer openly arguing with users…).

The fact that they seem to have a strange understanding of what their user base wants, is a different issue.


Duo lost a LOT of people by not listening. Hell, that’s why I’m here now.

And I’m happy to leave this too, if things aren’t changed


I don’t see it as a false sense of comfort. You still learn the material, even if you don’t immediately go in and review it minutes after getting it wrong. In fact, you couldn’t even finish the review if you didn’t get it right at some point, so getting it right again five minutes later isn’t contributing to the memorization process.

Personally, I always used Review Summary. Because I am not very good to learn foreign language, I used the % to know if I have not missed too many review (when I am good, I am around 75-80%, but if I stay many days around 60-65% I know that my number of reviews will increase next days, even without new lesson). Moreover, like others, I verified what type of items I have missed/succeeded.

So now, I am a little lost after I finished a session.

Perhaps could they add an option to activate/deactivate the Review Summary?

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