Third Party Site for competition, friends, match-ups, and leaderboards


I’ve seen some interest from the community here surrounding WK members grouping up, and creating a competition of sorts to spur on self challenges, and reach goals in an exciting manner. I’ve been thinking for some time about a project to do something with the API here, and this seems like it might be good…

What does everyone think about a site that provides leaderboards, finding friends and competing with them (seeing how they’re doing vs you, etc), seeing how those around your level are doing, etc? I’m interested to find out how much interest there is in this, as more interest is motivating for something like this.

Also, graphs. Graphs are fun to show progress and other details.

In case anyone wonders: there would be options when creating/config your account as to how much information about your WK progress is displayed to others.


Yes sir, please.


I second this!

mrscaletta said... Yes sir, please.

 Thanks for the feedback :) 

mikachuu said... I second this!
 Ooh :o thanks ^_^

I've sent an email off to WK just to check that I won't be violating any terms by putting together something like this. 

In the meantime, I'm starting up putting together a project plan to get this in motion. 



spacey said... Onegaishimasu!
 よろこんで :)

... hopefully that's the right word, lol


This sounds awesome! how will you do it? If I could, I’d like to help!

eberleant said... This sounds awesome! how will you do it? If I could, I'd like to help!
 Are you talking about the technical aspects of stuff?

I'm planning on using Rails (Haml, Coffeescript, and likely a relational DB) for the site. User sign-ins will be created independently of WaniKani, and each user will need to put in their WK API key so the site can collect the relevant details for them. I checked over the API, and there's definitely enough there to get all the stats I'd need. There's more fine details about that though that I've already got in mind.

What kind of stuff would you be interested in helping out with?


I would love this. Sounds great!

DrummerDancer said... I would love this. Sounds 大した!
 Thanks for the interest :)


Oh, odd… If I quote someone while I’ve got the WaniKani chrome extension Wakanify on, it keeps the extension version in my quote, heh… woops :slight_smile:


Yes, can’t wait to see what becomes of this!

noah3 said... Yes, can't wait to see what becomes of this!
 I've currently got the base set up on my server, with the WK API integrated. Got a couple friends set up, and collecting account data as I go.
It's not far enough to reveal yet, but once I get some initial features started up I may start getting people here involved before it's done... we shall see.

Thanks for the support :)


If you make it, I will use for sure. 


I really enjoyed the weekly leader board on memrise, it would be fun to have something like that. Also I like on that it gives you badges for spending x amount of hours and also a running achievement for doing it everyday.


Just chiming in to say that this would be a great thing to have!


Well I can’t use most stuff because I’m on an old kindle but I could use a separate website so this sounds nifty to me. 


Yes! Please do!!! :slight_smile:


This sounds awesome! You have my support and if you are stuck with a programming issue, I could more or less help!