Wanikani online Ranking (just an idea)

Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is some sort of online ranking to see the position of every WK student based on WK level, accuracy stats and level-up time ecc…

I know this is useless but I thought it would be cool to see yourself cross over the chart like it was a competition (a good one!)

I have no idea if this would be difficult or not to create, it’s just an idea.




Watch me abuse the reorder and ignore scripts as I try to beat @jprspereira!



I have no idea how to do that either, but I like the idea. :+1:

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Hmm~ Wouldn’t that mean needing the API of every single WK user? :thinking:

If it’s even possible, I think it would be better for it to be an opt-in system only. As much as rankings encourage some people, they discourage just about as many. So having everyone being able to see anyone’s accuracy, and people feeling like they’re being compared to everyone else would certainly be a negative for a large number of people.

The closest thing that I’m aware of is a script where you manually add members, so you can keep track of their level-ups and have a sort of leaderboard that way. I know some people use it for friendly competition of over-taking or keeping up with each other through level-ups. ^^


Yes, that’s the one I’m using right now. And I was thinking of a larger scale version of that : just a ranking and levels but no display of accuracy results or anything. But I agree, even if they’re not displayed the script might need the API for ranking? I don’t know ^^; I’ve never written any userscript myself.

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What about a ranking chart in which you can decide whether be displayed or not? That would solve a lot of problem when it comes to frustration, I guess

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Beat me? Ha! Only I have the phone number of the cake factory.


You wouldn’t need the API key of every user I think, the levels can be extracted from the user pages of every user. I think that’s also how the leaderboard script works.
I would still agree that this must be an opt in script, as comparing results can be damaging.

What I would love though is some way to get a leech chart with the community’s greatest leeches. Can that be done by using a crawler on the hall of shame pages?


I meant needing API with regards to the accuracy and such. ^^

Most leechy words of the community would be interesting!l. O:


WaniKani user rankings:

@Glias: queen
@MissMisc: empress
@Ryouki: mother of dragons
@plantron: doggo



W-why? O.o

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Did I say mother of dragons? I meant mother of POLLs…

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Most leechy words of the community would be VERY interesting.


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