Fun with Leaderboards

Hi everyone! I finally reached my goal and got to level 60 and thought instead of making a long post about my experience, I’d share something small that I had a lot of fun with throughout my journey.

The leaderboard script! The script allows you to add users to a leaderboard so you can see yourself progress alongside others. As someone who rarely posted on the forums, I found grinding reviews every day to be lonely and exhausting. Things got a bit better after I decided to install the leaderboard script and just started adding random people because hey, why not?

It started as this:

I found it really enjoyable. After a long week of struggling to do reviews and levelling up, it was nice to be able to click the refresh button and see others level up as well. It helped me realize that I wasn’t alone and that others were probably going through those same struggles as I was. It was nice during my slower levels, to be able to see others who were taking their time and it was nice during my faster levels, to see others chug along with me.

Even though it started as just a silly thing I added for fun, it turned into something that helped me cope and allowed me to understand other users’ journeys without having to actually talk to anyone. It may not have been the main reason I got to level 60 but it ended up being a fun edition to help me on the way.

Here’s the end result:

So I encourage you, if you don’t have the leaderboard script already, download and try it out! (You can always remove it if you don’t like it). Just add some random users on the forums and refresh it whenever you feel like it. It’s easy to set up and who knows, maybe you’ll find some fun in it like I did.

Link to the script: [Userscript] Wanikani Leaderboard


Congrats on reaching your goal, and in just over a year no less (going by your join date) :cake: