Can I have cake now, Crabigator-sama?


So this is my first, and very likely, my last topic. The mandatory, long awaited I-reached-lvl-60-let’s-have-cake topic :grin:
I don’t think my journey to level 60 was very unique, and I haven’t been particularly quick. But I am still quite proud to have made it, with full-time job and without completely destroying my social life :sweat_smile:
According to wkstats, I used 911 days, and this morning I did my last lesson. Only reviews from now on, until Wanikani releases an update with more vocabs (please do).

My journey went something like this:
I had the lvl 7 dip, resulting in months without lessons, and in the first full year after that I complained how 200 reviews were too much, and 23 levels in one year would not happen again… And a few months later, I figured, “hey, I can finish this year, if I just swamp myself with lessons and reviews” xD And so I did. I learned to be (relatively) comfortable with over 400 reviews a day, and ended up doing almost 30 levels in one year, leaving only some lessons to the post-2019 days. So Wanikani taught me to push my limits, and learn how much I can actually manage even though my first instinct is “hell no!”. And I’m grateful for that too.

Ideally, one should read while doing Wanikani. I didn’t have time for that, but with some new free time being released from the clutches of lessons, I will.
So, I’m starting to read japanese now, something that would be impossible for me without Wanikani. My first manga will probably be Ao Haru Ride :heart:

I want to thank the great community of fellow Crabigator-servants, for how you’ve shared your journeys, offered support and help or just fellowship in shared experiences. It’s been a motivational boost for me, even as a mostly lurker :blush:

So, Crabigator-sama, Emperor Overlord Koichi, can I have cake now?


Congratulations! I can’t give you real cake or make sure you get some, but I do have emoji:
:cake: :cupcake: :cupcake: :cake:


Thank you :grin: And who knows, that might make me happier than real cake anyway :wink:


No problem! Cake emoji don’t have any calories, after all. :laughing:


True :laughing:

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Congratulations! Pulling through with all those obstacles and real life on the side is quite the feat of persistence!

Oh yes, same here, i don’t find much time for reading besides WK and Bunpro.
Though i don’t know Ao Haru Ride. Have you considered Yotsubato? Seems great for a start, and there’s a book club here.


Hey congrats!

As promised :cake::cupcake::fish_cake::moon_cake::pancakes::birthday:

There are several different types there so don’t eat them all at once! :smirk:

Seriously though. Congratulations! This is quite the achievement. I hope to be there someday too!


Thank you :grin:

I haven’t heard about Yotsubato before, but it looks really cute :heart: Also very helpful, with how it introduces different topics and associated vocabulary. And reading it with someone would help keep me motivated and ensure I don’t slack off, so I think I’ll try it :blush:

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Thanks for the cake :smile:

And you’ll definitely get there, so keep it up! Just think of all the cake you’ll eat once you get there. And even before that, you get to experience the level 42 enlightenment (and leave it behind, but who wouldn’t for cake, right?) :grin:


Congratulations!!! Your success inspires those of us still climbing the mountain! Now enjoy your cake!


Congrats! What kind of cake do you like? We can send a virtual one :100: :grin:


Hi! I am @LittleCheeno and I want a :crabigator: cake!



Congratulations! I hope to be in your place some day.


Hi!! I am also @LittleCheeno and I want cheesecake!! :upside_down_face:

congrats to littlecheeno patient 0!


Thank you :blush:

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Thanks :grin: I think any :crabigator: cake would be the best ever for this humble apprentice :pray:


Thanks :blush: You’ll definitely get there, you’re 1/3 on your way already! And it gets easier in many ways after a while, I think. Good luck :smile:


Congratulations on levelling up! What are you planning on doing next?


Thank you :smile:

Of course I’ll attempt to burn all items :grin: And I’m going to read, as much as I can manage.
I’ll continue Kaniwani, which I started but didn’t have time for :sweat_smile: I’m thinking 5 lessons and reviews each day. And I’ll do perhaps 5 min duolingo each day, just to get some other impulses. I’ll go through Textfugu grammar maybe during the next two months, and I’m listening to Japanese pod 101 driving to work, so I guess I’ll do lots of small, varied things. None of them will take up more time than Wanikani anyway, except reading :laughing:

I’m trying to get a lot done now, because I know I’ll have less time in four-five months. I’m hoping my reviews will be easy to maintain by then (may the Crabigator be with me).


Congratulations @LittleCheeno!! Here’s some more virtual cake :cake:


I’m glad to hear you’re going to try and keep up with learning, even if it’s just a few minutes a day :’)

You might of course already know about this thread, but it’s been a very useful reference for me during times I try to branch out of my reading comfort zone.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! :sunflower: