List of kanji with no vocab?

So far, I’ve run across 茜, 莉, 乃, 遼, 輔, and I’m pretty sure there are more.

I believe koichi has said that there are plans to add name and place vocabulary for these some day, but until then they’re just annoying. They come up for review after a while and since they’ve never been reinforced with vocabulary they’re easier to forget.

Names are also a fairly low priority aspect of kanji reading. Even for common names there can be dozens of ways to write them, and parents frequently get creative, such that adult Japanese cannot accurately guess how to read some names.

The JLPT is also never going to have questions involving reading names, so the fact that they are nominally N1 kanji also isn’t a great reason to include them.


Do you plan to just grab some vocab from jisho and slap it into something like memrise or anki? Granted, the vocab I saw for the first one, for example, did seem pretty obscure - 茜の根 “madder root” and 茜色 “madder red”

Level 52 綾 is one I got recently. Seems like they start appearing more in 50 - 60. First time I got one I was sure the page hadn’t loaded properly.


Because I work in Anki, and look up in Tangorin, I can kill some of annoyances. Didn’t look up is a death for WaniKani now.

Still, I messed up 遼 couples of time.
綾 is also quite a problem. But somehow, mnemonic works (or maybe I just remembered it by brute and some sense of old mistakes…)


most of non vocab kanji usually jinmeiyou kanji~

it’s normal some jinmeiyou kanji doesn’t have associated vocabulary~ but yes at least koichi can give extra for learner for knowing jinmeiyou typical and reading patterns~

some common example jinmeiyou placement ↓↓
茜台 → あかねだい
茜平 → あかねだいら
茜浜 → あかねはま
茜町 → あかねちょう

楠乃 → くすの
上乃木 → あげのぎ
乃木町 → のぎまち

鞠莉 → まり

besides, jinmeiyou is common often found in kanken test 1級 in idiom yojijukugo section~ here some common test sample ↓↓

唇歯輔車 → しんしほしゃ
輔車脣歯 → ほしゃしんし
meaning in english → if one’s goes bad everything will also goes bad~

錦繍綾羅 → きんしゅうりょうら
expressing beautiful things~ elegant kimono/dress etc~

at this point~ reference from kanji dictionary is very helpful

and yes this is very true ↑↑↑
this is why self introduction always write their name in blackboard/including furigana on CV/etc~♪


Madder root is pretty obscure, but it’s around…last week I tried natural dyeing, so I now have 茜色の靴下 :slightly_smiling_face: and now I can say it in Japanese :grin:

If you follow pop music at all, you will find 乃木坂46 as an example of 乃 (I think I need to go put this one in the weird kanji thread.)

Sorry, I don’t have any additional kanji to put on the list.


and may I add that my favorite sake brewery 越乃寒梅 (こしのかんばい)taught me that 乃 is an archaic kanji for the の particle. :stuck_out_tongue::sake:

Weird that despite that really easy to remember meaning and the above “の” jinmeiyou readings, WK teaches the ない reading and doesn’t even mention the usage as a particle. I wonder what vocab they had in mind.

乃至 probably…

Maybe, I learn this one from Core 10k, not from WaniKani.

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I agree, one or two vocab or common names would be quite helpful.
I just encountered 駿 and 諒 which also do not have any vocab.

yes~ wanikani should have updated their content~

some common place is actually using 「駿」 like 駿府町 → すんぷちょう (in shizuoka pref.) or 駿河山 → するがやま (in gifu pref.)

i wonder why wakikani don’t include nanori in this 「諒」 kanji、they can read 「あき あきら あさ さとし さとる すけ まさ」 for reading name~

in other hands~ im dont know words containing 「諒」 but it have idiomatic yojijukugo
剛毅直諒 → ごうきちょくりょう

should we contact @anon20839864 and request content update for missing kanji no vocabulary item♪


Thanks for the explanations :slight_smile:
Looks like you already notified Kristen. I’ll add the praying marmot, it potentially once helped in contacting WK team.


There’s also an Ikimono Gakari song called 茜色の約束. Haven’t reached the level where you learn 茜 yet but I recognised it immediately. :smiley:

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The names content (which these kanji will be in) is complete and ready to go, but it can’t go up until the dev team is done with the upcoming site redesign. So as much as I’d love to give them to you guys, I can’t until we have a place to put them.



I compiled a list of those vocabless kanji while working my way through Reality. Hope it can be helpful to someone

Lv. 60

Lv. 59

Lv. 58

Lv. 57

Lv. 56

Lv. 55

Lv. 54

Lv. 53

Lv. 52

Lv. 51


This is what I have by pulling from the API:
亮: 51
乃: 52
輔: 52
綾: 52
莉: 53
駿: 53
諒: 53
茜: 54
瑛: 55
遼: 55
哉: 57
瑠: 57
蒼: 57
菅: 58
漣: 58
璃: 58
梓: 59