The Tofu Radical on Lv 12 is an Image

Don’t know if that was intentional as a workaround with possible complications, but the Tofu radical on lvl 12 seems to be an image rather than text, noting that it’s noticeably more blurry than the rest. Highlighting it also shows it’s not text. Just something I thought I’d point out because maybe it went unnoticed.


They hired someone from the forums a few years ago to do all the vector graphics for the ones that can’t be displayed as text, so I do think they’re aware :slight_smile:

Whether or not there’s something about settings causing it to stand out like that, I’m not sure.


Aye, some of them are images because they simply don’t exist in Unicode (and thus can’t be displayed as text). Generally they’re the ones that are combinations of more than one radical, while a handful (such as this one) are half of an existing radical.


I thought that could be the case. They probably just need to alter the image a bit so it can fit better, though I did notice that the Tsurukame app does it perfectly fine (as an image i think too).

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