"Chinese" radical disappeared

Hi everyone !

I have a weird bug. The Radical with the keyword “Chinese” is blank for me.

True. I used a few scripts but even with everything disabled (dark mode included). It is still blank. I got rid of every extensions on my computer. My Wanikani experience is now as vanilla as it can be, but the radical is still blank. What is happening?

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It’s showing here, but it’s very slow to load. It’s one of the radicals that’s an image instead of text.

For a test to see if this is a general issue or a specific one for you, do “gun” or “tofu” load?

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“Gun” and “Tofu” loads ok. “Chinese” does not. It shows on my phone so it seems to be a “my computer” problem but I have no idea why. Like I said, I uninstalled everything. I reset my computer and my browser too.

I just burnt it though so I guess it does not matter that much now but I wonder why it does that.

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Try a force refresh of the radical page? Ctrl+F5 in the three main browsers on Windows, shift+reload for MacOS.


Forcing the refresh worked. Thank you!


It’s one of the radicals that’s an image instead of text.

OMG, that explains so much. Thank you!

I’m just finishing L10 now, and the fact that this radical is styled differently than the rest (thicker stroke, no drop shadow) has been bugging the heck out of me.