Inconsistent copy-paste behavior: bug?

Hello everyone,
I am creating some Anki cards based on my actual WaniKani levels where I basically copy-paste the kanji, reading and meaning. In the meantime I realized that for some items there is an image rather than a character.

For instance, if I try to copy the radical Ground, I am able to select it as a character:

while if I try to select Gun, I actually select an image instead:

Is this a known limitation of some sort?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Yes, the gun doesn’t have an glyph in Unicode, it is not really something that you can type on its own.


I’d say this is because some characters, like gun, don’t exist by themselves as text, or something like that.


Didn’t they actually hire someone from here to do the vector graphics for them?


I made sets of paper flashcards a few years ago, and found the same issue. It is really only with a few of their invented radicals, which don’t have Unicode equivalents.

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These are the radicals (with level) that don’t have associated Unicode characters. In addition, the level 5 radical ‘scooter’ does have a character but some older fonts/devices can’t display it.

1 gun
1 leaf
1 stick
3 hat
3 triceratops
4 beggar
4 horns
4 spikes
5 kick
5 viking
8 cape
8 hills
9 cleat
9 gladiator
9 pope
9 spring
9 squid
9 yurt
10 chinese
11 bear
11 blackjack
11 trash
12 tofu
13 creeper
14 bar
15 grass
16 zombie
20 explosion
23 morning
24 death-star
26 comb
32 elf
33 coral
41 cactus
42 satellite
50 psychopath

The V2 API has links to images for all of these (as for all radicals actually) in both PNG and SVG formats, those can be used to represent them in text outside WK. But they can’t be represented directly as Unicode text.


I see… so, yep, kind of a known limitation.

Suddenly I am looking forward to level up - I wonder how cool or cute the Triceratops radical might be. :upside_down_face:

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No need to look forward to it - you can just check it out now.


Have you thought of a career as a motivational speaker? :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks, but I kind of don’t want to spoil the surprise. :grin:


It’s a lot like the biceratops, just 50% more… :sunglasses:



I believe that @rfindley made them

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