The simplest way to reach Level 60

It’s that simple, really. Of course simple does not mean easy. Enough with advice, and into the main reason for this post which is to say:

Thank you so much, dear community! You are incredible!

There are many people who made this journey of mine enjoyable and fruitful. As much as I’d like to mention all of them, it will not be possible and I will definitely miss some.

I’ll start with coders.
@Kumirei - I’ve been following the guiding light of Heatmap for two years. Thank you!
@rfindley - I have no idea how many scripts of yours I am using, but all scripts are using your API anyway. I visit wkstats daily. Your contribution to WK is incredible.
@seanblue - your Lesson Filter allowed me to have a healthy mix of kanji and vocab each day, which I consider much better diet than original vanilla order.
@psdcon, you’ve added “Anime sentences” when I was almost done with lessons, so now I’m tempted to go over old items pages just for the sake of checking the audio links. Such an incredible idea!

Next let’s me express my immense gratitude to the bunch of dedicated folks who run this incredible operation called Wanikani Book Clubs. This is the place where I plan to hang out most in the future, because simply learning 2000 kanji does not enable one to read or understand Japanese.
seanblue, @NicoleIsEnough, @Micki, @NyappyTiramisu, @MrGeneric, @yamitenshi and many more people dedicating their time to this enterprise - Thank you!

I believe that Leebo needs a category of his own on this forum, thank you for just being here.

Last Christmas, I received the most amazing and unexpected gift from @KyokaJiro, you would not believe how touched I was by it.

At Level 19, I joined Climb Tokyo Skytree thread, and this group kept me going at the regular pace for the last 18 months. Thank to all the folks on that thread, and best wishes to reach your goals before May 2022!

When I’m tired, I love checking some everrunning threads, the one about anime, dogs lover’s corner, gifs only collection, and of course the longest one of them all, the POLL thread.

Let me finish by wishing everyone to be healthy and happy and keep up with their learning journey!
Just keep going!

P.S. Obligatory stats


Congratulations on reaching level 60!

It’s quite a feat, and something to be proud of for sure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I look forward to continuing to see you in the book clubs! :grin:


Thank you! See you there as well, and I’ll be looking to your own L60 post soon!


Big congrats on making it to the end! :partying_face:


Congratulations on reaching level 60!! Now the fun can really start!!


Hey, congrats! Let’s read many books together going forward! :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rainbow: :sparkles:


Congratulations! :grin::muscle::tada: Your stats are very impressive, well done!


What is this and how do I get it?

And good job!!!


Here is the script: [Userscript]: Anime Context Sentences

Thank you for the cake! :cake:

Could not agree more! I’ve finally learned the alphabet, now I can start reading picture books :slight_smile:

That is my main goal, to be able read regular books targeted toward adults.

Thank you!


A huge and hearty congratulations Sansarret san :partying_face:

You have reached the Peak of WK :grinning:

Kudos to your perseverance and hardwork :clap:


Couldn’t have put it better :fire:


Here’s to more awesome memories and more peaks to climb :metal:

Good luck Sansarret san :crossed_fingers:


Thank you so much for kind words!


Wahoooo! Congrats again on reaching level 60 :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations @sansarret !!!

I hope you are doing well and are out there somewhere in the big wide world living your best life :heart_on_fire:


Just hit 60 myself. Last few lessons started to really drain on me, but the completionist in my demanded I push through. Looking at this a month or so back really helped, thank you so much.


Congratulations on reaching Level 60!
I felt very similarly at the end, the fatigue was surely there. What’s nice now, two months later, is that without new lessons coming in, daily review amount is finally getting smaller and smaller.

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Thank you! Hope you’re doing the same! :rose:

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