Short L60 post

I made it to 60 18 days ago, but hitting the 31/31 Guru to “complete” the level prompted me to post.

This has taken me just over 3 years:

Average level 18 days:

32 and 39 were the levels where I lost hope, as you can tell!

I was originally learning alongside a colleague, as a refresh from starting (and pausing) my learning at university over a decade ago. He dropped off (hi Daan, for if and when you see this, since you restarted). But I kept going, and didn’t really know why.
And now I’m done and still don’t really know what to do with it. I’m not an anime fan, and I’m not that interested in the culture or anything. I just really love the calligraphy and order of kanji.
So I guess I’m going to ramp up my writing practice and move over to grammar, maybe get a proper tutor. After I finish these last two kanji and get the lessons for them!

I don’t think I can be an inspiration to anyone, at this end point on the journey. But I think it’s ok to just muddle your way through :slight_smile:



That’s a really healthy average, all told! There are so many speed-run 60 posts that it’s always nice to see one that shows really consistent reviews and lessons over a period of years on their heat map ^-^


Congrats on reaching lv 60! :partying_face: :tada:



Congrats on hitting the big 6 0!


I don’t think that you need to be a speedrunner nor being invested culturally into Japan for it to be impressive. The fact that you made it in the end is an achievement in itself and that alone is worth celebrating :tada:


Those stats look like my own.


Anyone that completes all their lessons and burns 6000 items is an inspiration to others.

As for what to do with it … there’s a lot more than anime and manga out there. By all means learn some grammar!

I’ve been reading carpentry and go books recently. There’s also a LOT of fiction I’d like to read. It’s still quite difficult, but gets easier every time I try.

You’ve opened a whole new world.


Congratulations, you really stuck at it and turned up every day. Its so inspirational and refreshing to see levelling up timeframes that are similar to mine. The 7 day levelling up crew are impressive, but not everyone can sell their soul to the devil for a year. Thanks so much for posting xxxx.


Everyone who reaches level 60 is an inspiration to me:)
Congrats and good luck!


Congratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


You did it YOUR way, and that’s all that matters.




You finished, more than a lot of people can say.


Congradulations ! This is even more of an achievement if you did it without having some strong motivation. You did it on raw will power and that is absolutly incredible ! You are awesome ! :grin::facepunch:

P.S. Where do I find these statistics about the days in the calendar ? Checked my Wani Kani profile but couldn’t find them

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That would be @Kumirei’s WaniKani Heatmap script - it’s a very customisable tracker that shows how many lessons/reviews you’ve done in set date ranges, etc.

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Firstly, congratulations!

But please don’t devalue your achievement by saying “just muddling through” - I think you went at a very healthy pace and actually about as fast as I can manage flat-out!

I hope you can put your kanji knowledge to good use, or at least, get something from it you can enjoy.