Freedom (or finally being able to rest a bit after level 60)

Learning japanese has been like trying to enter a room - and you really, really want to enter this room - but there is a heavy door stopping you. And you try to push it open every day, and every day it opens a little more, but you never manage to fully get it to open. But finally, as I hit level 60, the door has opened.

In the room, there is a new door. But at least the room is comfortable and there’s more that I can do now, books I can read, games I can play, people I can talk to. It’s nice. Eventually the new door shall open as well. For now, I’ll enjoy the room.

Wanikani has been a daily struggle. There’s things I would’ve done differently had I known what I know now (like not doing as many reviews on my phone, as I suck at typing and kept getting set back by typos) but what matters is that this chapter is coming to an end and the future looks bright.

For everyone still fighting everyday against reviews, it is worth it every step of the way. You are closer every day. I’ll see you on the other side of the door.


Congratulations! Enjoy the cake!



Thank you, I will enjoy that cake with all my heart!!!

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Congratulations!! :durtle_hello:


I like this way of putting it. From my understanding, if your goal is high enough, you’re going to find that behind this next door… it’s all doors. Just gotta learn to have some fun opening doors, haha.

All the same, this is an incredibly big step, so congrats! Stick around and tell us about what you’re able to do now sometime :slightly_smiling_face:


good job on getting to level 60!


Congratulations, I hope I can reach lvl 60 too. This serves as motivation for me to continue this journey and seeing lvl 60 is not impossible.


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Congrats bro! I’m way jealous, just started on the pro climb of level 4 a few minutes ago and I’m in awe of you level 60 guys right now. Mind sharing how long it took for you to get there from when you started, if you know? Would love to set some realistic expectations for myself based on what you veterans have done.
And furthermore, what’s your plan from here? Gonna move on to other learning methods? Consume more Japanese media raw, if you aren’t already? Plans to travel to Japan sometime?

Hope you’re taking a moment to reflect on your massive accomplishment bro. Once more with feeling: CONGRATULATIONS!! :smiley:

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I always like to look back at the community post I made when I was around level 21. I was starting to get tired of having to do reviews every single day and how you just never got to take a break. Little did I know! In certain levels, the pace would get even worse!

Before you know it you’ll reach level 60. It feels a long time coming but also it happened too fast. Worth every night staying up later than I should to do reviews!


Thank you so much man! I’m still finishing up the kanji from level 60 and should in about 3 days so I’ll be officially done with all lessons at the 471th day. Stats below from wkstats:

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 23-47-20 wkstats Dashboard

So around a year and a half. And it felt fast! Definitely overwhelming at times so if you aim for 2 years it should be comfortable. At around level 30 I felt like I could read almost ininterruptedly when it came to video-game dialogue, with the occasional character I’d have to look up. Especially if you read other things on the side as you do reviews, meaning you’ll encounter N4 and N3 kanji that only show up in later levels, you’ll feel the impact of wanikani very early!

From now on, I’m going to enjoy being able to read and really focus on my reading-comprehesion skills. Gonna tone down the SRS for vocab and focus a bit on finishing up grammar studies and then focus on full immersion through novels, manga and games in japanese.

Definitely want to go to Japan eventually! Just need to save up a bit beforehand so I can stay longer and really enjoy the experience.

And if I was to recommend something else: don’t neglect your grammar completely! I know it can be pretty boring to practice but japanese grammar is very different from english grammar and needs some time to stew in your head until the concepts make total sense.

Thank you so much for the support and best of luck on your journey! I’ll see you at your lvl 60 post :grin:


Couldn’t have put it better. I’m still surprised when I find myself beyond a new door that I hadn’t even realised was there when it comes to the English language - and I started studying it 12 years ago!

But thank you so much! I’m gonna do N3 in July, which I’m pretty confident for but still want to properly prepare for, in case of any unexpected, evilly concocted listening questions or grammar points that they might throw at us. So lots of studying and reading yet to do. But I’ll make sure to update sometime!





This metaphor you shared was quite inspiring. Thank you for writing it.


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Congrats! I hope you continue to enjoy your journey!

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Much congrats on making it to the top! :partying_face: :tada:

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Congratulations on making it to level 60! I like your door analogy, I only just recently got to level 60 too and it felt similar, in a weird way more like a new beginning than an end.


Good luck on your future progress with Japanese!


The door within a door, where Wanikani is neither the first, nor the last door to be opened

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I 100% relate to everything you said, my eyes were getting teary as I read your post, I’m just seeing the end so close and have mixed feelings about it.

Enjoy your well-deserved cake and new-found freedom (but not, for we will always be servants of The Crabigator).

I also just wanted to say, I respect you so much for getting to level 60, I know how hard it is and I can’t wait to get there myself, thank you!

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Thank you! I started a visual novel recently and it didn’t take more than 2 paragraphs for me to have to look up a kanji - at that moment I could feel the ghost of The Crabigator looming behind me, reminding me that the spirit of wanikani will always be within us.

Best of luck on the last levels of your climb! You got this!!

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