The sadest memonic ever told

Big Bird, with a brush in hand, starts pounding in nails to build a new building on Sesame Street.

When Big Bird is all done, much to his surprise he has helped to build Sesame Street’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken. He looks in horror as men in suits grab him and pull him inside.
Nobody on Sesame Street ever sees Big Bird again. Oscar the Grouch eats the leftovers thrown out. Cookie Monster just wants cookies.:cry:


Hey, at least you and I’ll remember it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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言う通りだ! Gone but never forgoten

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When I learned the reading for 歩, the mnemonic said to imagine stepping on a Hoe and having it smack you in the face. Kouichi said that more vivid imagination in your mnemonics will stick them into your mind more firmly. I’ve got Aphantasia, which means that I can’t really imagine pictures, only smells/sounds/tactile sensations, but I figured I could still make it work. Over the course of three seconds, I imagined it hitting my face, and my vision going out. I put my hand to my face, and my fingers feel sticky, and I can also feel small, hard bits. Fragments of bone? Is that brain matter? It becomes increasingly apparent that my entire face has been smashed in by this Hoe, and I’m probably going to die soon. Waves of nausea hit me as the horror seeps in. Then I snap back, still feeling sick, but otherwise fine.

It wasn’t worth it. Don’t make your mnemonics too vivid. I still wince whenever I see 歩.


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