Mnemonics That Worked TOO Well

I’m curious which mnemonics you’ve learned that have painted such a vivid portrait in your mind you’ll never forget it. For me, it has to be 糸. I have a huge sensitivity to textures and hair in my food is such an easy way to make me queasy. I’ll never be able to see this word again without feeling like I’m about to lose my lunch from chewing on thread! (Thanks Wanikani!)

Which mnemonics weren’t just memorable, but elicited the most intense physical or mental reactions for you?


Well I haven’t yet encountered any (super) crazy ones on WaniKani, but in Tofugu’s Hiragana guide I loved this one:

The fantastic mutant Santa Clause with four arms, a snake tail and no head, whispering “Ho… ho… ho…” out of his neck stump. I showed my little brother and we both died laughing. So yeah, I have never had any trouble recalling this kana :joy:


I love the Narwhal one as well, the idea of Narwhals with Saws and all sorts in some of the Vocab always makes me laugh!

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I honestly can’t remember any that aren’t in the last few levels I’ve been doing.

I feel like the most memorable ones were also the ones I was able to move past the most quickly as well.

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The one for 験

When I first read the mnemonic, I was angry. It was the laziest mnemonic ever! Why the heck was I paying Koichi for this?!

A horse and a squid taking a test.

The next time I saw that Kanji, I thought “Horse… Squid… … taking a Test.”. I was going to get angry again at how lazy that mnemonic was, but then I realized just how well it had worked.


I gotta agree with you on that one!

The 糸 mnemonic is even worse if you remember the kanji mnemonic :grimacing:

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The one I hate the most is for the radical 幺 (poop). I had previously gone through RTK with an Anki deck and to me, that radical is Mercy, the angelic healer from Overwatch… mostly because of the radical’s prominence in 慈 (mercy). See? 幺 even looks like an angel wing! So now the half dozen or so kanji I had previously created amazing stories for involving Mercy are now just… poop. Just poop.

The mnemonic for is particularly traumatizing too, especially since I still picture Mercy from Overwatch. I may never be the same.



Mrs Chou bar none.

I always think of:


Also two that have died in WK history, the Mullet and Sei! Sei! Sei!

Hard Gais Never Die!