Most Disturbing Mnemonics

What’s the most disturbing or weird mnemonic you’ve come across in WK (or made up yourself)?

I think I just developed a new phobia from the one for 打:

You have a nailbat but you want to add an extra nail to it. How do you do it? You set the nail upright, and hit the nailbat into the nail as hard as you can. The nail flies out and hits you in the eye. You have a nail in your eye now, and you’re freaking out. What do you do? How does it feel? Can you feel the metal on eyeball feeling? You have a nail that hit you in your eye. You’re flailing around, trying to recover from this terrible situation. As you’re moving around you step back on some uni (う) which stabs your foot. Now you have uni in your foot and a nail in your eye. This can’t get any worse. Of course, think about the feeling of these things hurting you. Also think of the absurdity of the uni part - where are you that there’s uni on the ground anyways? Feel it cracking under your foot, getting all its spines up in there. It’s really painful, probably because of the poison.

I won’t forget its reading, thats for sure, but Jesus Christ, Koichi.


Meaning Mnemonic:
Taking a nailbat, you decide to create one grave and another grave, take two people by the toe, and hang them upside-down to beat them to death. Once the two people are dead, you can put them in the new graves you just made.

Imagine hanging two people up by their toes and beating them with a nailbat. Hear their screams and pleas for mercy as you beat them over and over again.

Reading Mnemonic:
After, you hang them up by their toes and then run into them with your car (か). No mercy.

Why are you such a mean guy? Most guys wouldn’t beat people to death with their car. Why you gotta be like that?


It is New Years, though, so when you bring the dead cow back home, it’s time to celebrate. Using the cow’s organs and bones, you and your siblings construct a nendoroid How funny that you use dead cow parts to make a miniature cow holding a gun much like the one you murdered earlier. Imagine yourself playing with this nendoroid as you think about how weird it was to make a cow nendoroid out of a dead cow.

Today’s lessons are truly special.


状 – Condition

Using a nailbat to hit a sick dog will definitely worsen its condition. You take a nailbat in your hand, swing it, and hit your sick dog. The dog’s condition has just gone from bad to worse.

Do you have a dog? Imagine hitting your dog with a nailbat. Even worse, your dog was sick and in bad condition, and now you’re hitting it with a nailbat. Hear your dog squeal in agony as you hit it with the nailbat, further worsening its already dire condition.

You are actually Joseph (じょう) Stalin and you care not for the condition of this dog so you continue to beat the dog with your nailbat. Joseph Stalin isn’t a very caring fellow.

The dog is already in terrible condition. Why are you still hitting it, Joseph Stalin? Imagine what the the dog possibly could have done to warrant such terrible behavior on your part. Perhaps you’ve gone insane, Joseph Stalin? Continue to hear the dog moaning in pain as you whack it again and again with the nailbat.

Poor dog … but there are 89 kanji with nailbat radical :wink:


Maybe not quite disturbing, but certainly weird:

You have this container. It’s upside down with a stick holding it up and a string on the stick. You’re going to catch some U2s (like, the band). You put some food under it and wait. Then, out of the bushes comes Bono. He sniffs around for a bit and then goes under the container. You pull! U2 walked right into the trap!

Must have gotten lost, what with the streets having no names and all.

(this is for 器, by the way)


Not a mnemonic, but the example sentence for 胎盤 (Placenta) is pretty disturbing:


I ate my wife’s placenta after she gave birth.


Generally, I’ve only heard of the mother eating the placenta (to regain nutrients). Though, I have to admit, it does sort of sound like borderline cannibalism…

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Is… is this porn?


yeap, that one stuck immediatly


I will never forget this one:

A person with horns has you on the ground and lets loose two poops over your heart. “Mercy! Mercy!” You cry, but the horned dude doesn’t stop until there are two gross poops sitting your heart. “M-mercy…” is the only thing you can think to say.


Imagine yourself saying “mercy” over an over as this horned guy has you on the ground and keeps pooping over your heart.


Yeah, I knew I had heard about this before. It seems that they do it in North Korea.
(Video with ENG subs)

Wow. That’s interesting. o_o

I’m a bit sceptical of these kinds of accounts, since the incentive for anti North Korean propaganda is a bit high, (Like: “Look how weird they are!”) but it does not seem too unreasonable to want to make use of all possible nutrients if you live in a place were starvation is common. I wonder if it’s actually healthy, though.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying this is fake, just that I am not entirely convinced it’s true and that I would need to do more research. I am also in no way defending or supporting the North Korean government or how it treats its citizens.

I’m also thankful for your post. :heart:

I’m also a bit grossed out. :nauseated_face:

She’s a North Korean defector apparently. She was featured in an interview in the Asian Boss youtube channel a while ago. (3M+ views)


Wow, I just watched it. That is so horrible I can’t think of a way to describe it. The way they talk about these absolute atrocities just matter-of-factly makes it even more horrible to me.

Thanks for taking the time to search and share.

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Sure! :slight_smile: That channel has more stuff about North Korea, in case you want to check out. They also have a lot of videos related to Japan ^^

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I’ve already subscribed ^^

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It might be because it’s :clock430:am here and I’m having some severe insomnia but this one hit me right in the feels:

Remember how 動物 means animal? Well when you add park it becomes a zoo. It’s a park for animals. Except the animals can’t leave. Ever.

Poor animals :cry:

:gorilla::leopard::elephant::fox_face::bird::whale::crabigator: Be free, fellow creatures of the earth!