The pause for multiple meaning or reading [WaniKani Lightning Mode]


I am trying to do review as quick as possible so I use some scripts to go other review directly with one enter. But when it has multiple meaning or reading it,with one enter,it shows’’ Did you know this item has multiple possible meanings?‘’ and for 2 seconds it stops(doesnt go to other review even I click enter again) then after waiting it goes other review with enter. I want to review directly,how can I solve this ?

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That’s the script I use and it doesn’t have this issue. Are you using that one? If not, try it and tell me if that fixes the problem.

Yes,I am using that one,I reinstalled again but that didnt solve,too.

You can ask @rfindley but remember to give him also your browser/OS versions and other installed scripts.

Thank you for recommending.

I am having this problem in my computer and I am using Google Chrome. The scripts that I use:WaniKani Improve,Wanikani Lightning Mode,Wanikani Mistake Delay,Wanikani Override,WaniKani Real Numbers,WaniKani Ultimate Timeline and WaniKani Similar kanji. Sorry for trouble @rfindley :disappointed_relieved:

At the top of the Mistake Delay script, there are some settings that allow you to control whether there is a delay for “slightly off” and “multiple meanings”. They are ON by default. Just open the script and change them from 1 to 0, then save (ctrl-s), and reopen your review session.


It worked finally :sob: Thank you very much.

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