Script for showing multiple meanings in review

I tried to find the answer myself but to no avail–
Is there a script that shows all possible meanings after a correct answer during review?

So many times, I wonder what the other possible meanings are after I answer the one I may just be guessing about is correct. By the time both readings and meanings are done and i can review it with the button, it’s too late to process it effectively and also, laziness.

It really help in situations when there are words having overlapping meanings such as:
実 - 「じつ」 ---------> Reality; Truth
本当 - 「ほんとう」-> Reality; Truth
事実 -「じじつ」 ----> Reality; Truth; Fact

Much Appreciated!

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You can do that with this script ^^


Ahh, I knew it sounded familiar. I actually have that one running…now I even recall that I saw the screenshot of the other answers popping up on that page. But, like some other people, the option in the Menu dropdown is not appearing. I’m scouring that thread for answers, but it doesn’t seem common. The one person who was recently having that issue magically stopped having it soon after! :weary:

Try logging out of WaniKani and then logging back in

It wasn’t initially there for me either, but after doing that it showed up :crabigator: (I also closed my broswer after logging out, so you can try that too if you’d like)


I tried that but no dice. :frowning:
Even disabled all other scripts running to try to rule out interference.

Hmm how about trying to reinstall the script?

I just tried that too and it once again didn’t show up on the menu right away and then signed out and back in and it appeared again

I’m using Chrome :thinking:

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It works! I deleted it and then just installed it again from the tampermonkey link. I really do not understand why, but hey it’s there now.

Thanks for the help!

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やった ! ^^

No problem, glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

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