Reviews with multiple answers can't be answered instantly

Hello friends!

I am having a problem with wanikani. Whenever I answer a review with multiple meanings correctly, pressing enter doesn’t immediately get me to the next one. Instead, I have to wait for a few seconds. If I press enter too soon not only does it not skip to the next review, but the button gets deselected and I have to either click it manually or press TAB and then enter again.

The problem persists after deactivating all scripts as well.

Here is a small video of the problem:

Multiple scripts are trying to advance to the next item at the same time, I think. Could you provide a list of your scripts?

edit: that actually only accounts for the shaking after going to the next item, nvm

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It sounds like the Mistake Delay script, or Double Check (which contains Mistake Delay), which can be be configured to lock out the Enter button for a second so you don’t miss the fact that there are multiple meanings.

When you disabled scripts, did you reload the page afterward?


Lightning Mode
Mistake Delay
Open Framework
Real Numbers
Auto Commit

I’m silly, didn’t actually reload the page after disabling them. With all the scripts disabled it works fine.

Edit: It was the Mistake Delay script. Changed the delay for multiple answers to null and now it works as intended. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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