The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Make sure your phone isn’t set to optimize the app’s background battery usage or set to prevent automatically starting it up after restarting or something, otherwise no idea, seems to work fine for me…


Edits 2022-02-11

  • Pruned outdated entries. Per request I have put most of them in drop downs instead of deleting them entirely. A lot of the websites and applications which did not work I just removed outright, as they are less likely to be revived.
  • Shorten all forum links to the format /t/x/<TOPIC ID>
  • Fix some broken mentions
  • Change usernames which cannot be mentioned to bold links to their profiles
  • Remove the outdated scripts section in favor of having drop downs for each subsection
  • Remove additional content section as it has nothing to do with the API and did not contain any apps. That info belongs, and is mostly already mirrored in the resources thread
  • Sort entries alphabetically
  • Update mention counts
  • Expose the TOC so that it is not hidden by default

Is there a list of pruned entries?
I know I have some less than exceptional scripts I’m keen to repair “someday” and there are some dead scripts of other people that still sound like good ideas to me.

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Oh, I’m glad you’re still interested in working on them! At the end of every section there’s a drop down with outdated scripts. I may have moved some of yours into there, but I didn’t remove them completely from the list. Also I didn’t test all the scripts, so it’s possible that I may have moved some that looked like they didn’t still work but did, so if you see one that I moved that still works feel free to move it back out. I saved the scripts in the post for the express purpose that other people might be inspired by them, even if they don’t work anymore.

The outdated scripts are in drop downs like this

Outdated Scripts


Are there any apps or reorder scripts that reorder based on SRS level? The reorder script I’m aware of has reorder features by radical/kanji/vocab and WK level, but no way to set it to focus down strictly the apprentice stuff. If I don’t have time to do all my reviews I’d like it to start at the lowest SRS level and work its way up so that I’m still getting the lower-tier items more frequently to get the benefits of SRS.

This script sorts reviews by how “overdue” they are. This will often be the apprentice items, but may be other items if you’ve been putting those off for a while, which is the point of the script. So not quite what you’re asking for, but close-ish. Someone commented that it only works with compatibility mode on right now though, and I haven’t bothered looking into that yet.

Maybe there’s a better option out there that I don’t know about.

Might only work in compatability mode, not sure of its been updated

Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted!


Anyone able to recommend some scripts for me? It’s my first time using user scripts so I’m not quite sure where to start?

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What are you interested in? You might just want to browse the list in the first post (it’s not as menacing as it looks) & see if anything looks like something you’d want to use.

In particular, check out the dashboard and/or reviews categories at the top

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I believe certain users have a thread / reply for their own recommendations, such as this Kumirei's Userscripts

I am here say about first post. While it is OK to tag as outdated scripts, it would be better to tag as broken / buggy + unmaintained. I meant possibly Katakana madness.

As for myself, I don’t really care about outdated at all, but only for broken. For example, I might recommend [userscript]: Additional resource links + Stroke Order but I am not really a current WaniKani doer myself.

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Yeah, I think that’s what the outdated category was meant for initially & then became somewhat unmaintained itself LOL

The outdated scripts sections are intended for broken scripts. If you see a script that does still work in there then feel free to move it out. The list had not been pruned for a long time (ever?) when I did it a few months ago, and of course I couldn’t try all the scripts myself, so I made some guesses based on the age of the script, time since last update, the latest posts, and my knowledge of what has changed on WK over the years.


Hey there,
I swear there was a plugin (Or an option in another plugin), that translates review prompts into japanese.
Kanji Meaning → 漢字の意味 … And so on.
Anyone know that one, can’t find it in the list.


Can a UserScript be installed on mobile (Android) in 2022? Since I am more of forum user now, I am interested in installing [Userscript] Large Image Embedder

I heard there’s a browser called Kiwi Browser that you might be interested in


Firefox for Android has addon support. IIRC you could use a userscript manager addon to install userscripts.

If for this one - UserScript Injector, it ceased to work in Firefox for Android too. (And the source code repo on BitBucket is gone.)

use UserScripts on your Firefox for Android with usi!

I have just noticed that, this too, is broken for someone.

Updated the OP for “May have bugs. (polv still uses it as of Feb 2022.)” (Hidden in [details="Outdated Scripts"], and moved to the lasts in the list). Also, added several of @Gorbit99’s scripts.

Also added a notice on whether UserScripts can be installed on mobile. Updated apps, but I think it is more about “Additional Resources”.

Another thing, I have just noticed that Information Page section is missing. Added that just now.


Thanks for adding @Gorbit99’s scripts to the list! :slight_smile:

Some remarks:

  • I think the scripts are currently sorted alphabetically – it might make sense to keep it that way
  • I’m wondering if it would make sense to omit the WaniKani/WK prefix from all script names in this list (WK Extra Study Mover => Extra Study Mover, WaniKani Open Framework => Open Framework, …) for consistency and to make the alphabetical order more sensible :thinking:
  • Omit WaniKani/WK prefix
  • Keep WaniKani/WK prefix

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  • Info Page Tweaks (that you added to the Information Page section) seems to have been removed from Greasy Fork, so this should not be added to the list
  • Phonetic Semantic Composition (that you added to the Information Page section) is an old version that got replaced – the new version is already in the list (under Reviews & Lessons)