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Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have a question about the wanikani reorder ultimate 2 script.
a few days ago I leveled up and since then all my lessons have been strictly vocab, before I leveled up I would get a mix of radicals/kanji/vocab. I turned the script off now but I still only get vocab so I was wondering if this is normal or due to the script. If it’s due to the script i would like to know how to get it back to normal.

There’s a relatively new setting on the WK settings page [here] that may be causing what you’re seeing. Is far as I know, it will give you all of your earlier-level stuff first, which includes the vocab from your last level. I think if you set it to ‘Shuffled’, you’ll start seeing a mix of everything.


Ah thanks a lot I think this is it.
Would you recommend setting it to shuffeld, or keeping it on Ascending level then subject?

It depends on your goals. Before they added the option, it worked like ‘Shuffled’.

I think using one of the “Ascending level then xxxxxx” options helps you reinforce your last level’s kanji better, because you finish up that level’s vocab before you start any new kanji (and vocab helps reinforce kanji).

But doing “Ascending level” will also keep you from doing your new level’s radicals until you finish all prior-level content, which means it will slow down your level-up speed unless you do all lessons at once.

So, it really depends on your goals: take your time and learn everything well, or go fast so you can learn more in a shorter time. Both have their good points, so it also depends what you can handle.

Thanks, I’ll keep it on ‘acending level then xxxxxxx’ as i’m not that concerned about speed but what does the ‘subject’ one do?

I think ‘subject’ is their new term of item type, i.e. radical, kanji, vocab.
So, it will give you lessons in that order (within each level)

So first it gives you all the radicals, than all the kanji and then all the vocab?

Level 1 radicals
Level 1 kanji
Level 1 vocab
Level 2 radicals
Level 2 kanji
Level 2 vocab

Yes. Unless you still have vocab from the previous level. It will give you those vocab lessons first before giving you the radical lessons for the level you just reached (i.e. your current level). Which is what you’re experiencing now and why you’re only getting vocab lessons (like @rfindley already explained above).

I understand, Thanks a lot.

Heya, just noticed this thread. I’ve been working on a bunch of resources lately. Would you mind adding them to this list? Would be cool to get more traffic to them :slight_smile:


Another ubersicht skin for wanikani with a different/nicer design.


A port of the aforementioned skin for wanikani with a different/nicer design but for RainMeter.


A script that shows the amount of reviews/lessons in the page-title of WaniKani.


A plugin for Bitbar that shows in the Mac Menubar that shows a bunch of information about the user.

EDIT Aaa, I junked it, now I find the edit button because its a wiki post.

This one appears to be missing from the list: [Userscript] WK Anti-burnout.

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FYI I published a new one: [Unsupported] Userscript: Dashboard Level Progress Detail (srs stages on progress bars). It gives you dashboards progress bars like this:

Do you have the ability to edit the wiki in the top-post? I wasn’t sure if it requires ‘regular’ status, or if anyone can edit. Anyway, if you’re not able, I’ll add these two to the wiki.

FYI There’s a leech list page at this site: which also supplies a screensaver of those same leeches: There’s also a so-far-just-silly animation of leeches too at

Oh! That’s a surprise. I do have the ability to edit it… Thanks for pointing that out, @rfindley.

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Hi, I was recently using the Wanikani Double Check script for when I made typos etc. but today it caused none of my reviews to actually be acknowledged as done, so after doing 70+ reviews, I came out and found that I still had 70+ reviews which were the same reviews and after doing most of them again found that they were still there after a review session. By trial and error I tracked it down to using this script. I’ve decided to replace it with Wanikani Override for when I make typos.

i think there are other issues like that in bugs and errors category. Maybe look there too?

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I have a question. Why do userscripts developer don’t use the auto update functionality ? Is there a politic of WK against that ?
It could be easier for us (user) to just install once then let the greasemonkey/tampermonkey auto-update do its things when there is one new version. :blush:

Which userscripts are you talking about. Most of the script I am using, update automatically, unless original authors dropped their support and new versions are being developed by separate developers.