The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Done. FYI once you have reached a certain trust level you can start pinning topics, make them into wikis, etc.


there’s apparently a character limit of like 30,000 or something? ://///// i tried to move rfindley’s better timeline up but i think im over 10,000 above the limit.

Try it now

awesome, all good now! thanks man.

I was thinking you could add another section for the forum-related scripts/Stylish…

So far I just have rfindley’s excellent Lesson/Review Count Script: [Userscript] Lesson/Review Count in Forums
and tenderwaffle’s Stylish (I’m rockin’ version 2): [Userscript] Lesson/Review Count in Forums

And perhaps in the future there will be more scripts/styles for the forums, too.

well it is a wiki post now so if u wanna wade through all that html and put
all the forum mods together, be my guest. i personally dont know enough
html to look at that and understand it so it would be a real project to
find everything and then cut and paste it into a new section

While although I can edit Crunderwood’s table of contents Wiki post…
I don’t have access to edit yours.
No “Edit” button appeared when I clicked on the pencil.
I just don’t have that power.

@viet the post doesnt want to let people besides me edit it?
@AnimeCanuck ill try moving stuff around and maybe messing with the html to make it less painful to look at in the meantime.

Thanks, Shotty-chan, I appreciate it!

Maybe it wasn’t made into a wiki after all, and merely pinned? Or perhaps it’s because I’m not “trust level 2” yet, and perhaps special permissions have been put in place with the Table of Contents thread only???

I’m just spitballin’ here…

I thought I made it into a wiki post… but it didn’t toggle?

It is one now.

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there ya go @AnimeCanuck ! warning: the html is kind of super ugly since there’s no line breaks to keep it organized. i can clean it up a bit rn, or you can mess with it and i’ll clean it up in a couple hours. which would you prefer?

I recommend using Markdown if you have the time to clean it up :wink:

time to learn markdown! not like i have exams to be studying for right now aahhhahahahah (;;;;;°∇°)

Thanks Shotty and @Viet!
I’m good with html… it it looks particularly wonky, maybe I can clean a bit while I’m in there…

EDIT: Oh. That be messier than I expected. @_@ Much harder to look at than the Table of Contents was… Also not sure if that 5/12 pages line still needs to be there…
Clean up on aisle four!

Seriously, y’all are the best. (Dang it tried to tag Shotty with Shotty but nicknames don’t work, booo, lol). @ShotgunLagoon and @viet for President! :wink:

And AnimeCanuck for Prime Minister?

im working on cleaning it up right! (basically kinda rewriting it in markdown)

You are not doing it by hand, right?

i love you tomboy please marry me

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HMMMM, would that mean us citizenship for me? :stuck_out_tongue:

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