The Level 10 StarMech Corner

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t think I’d be learning this many new words this quick. 燃えてきたぞお!

122 items.

I saw the guy on that other thread who was continuously updating his own thread about his progress and really liked that idea. Think I’ll start doing that in this one. :]

I did have a couple questions in regards to a few of the words, in case anyone knows.

  1. How is 万人 different from 全員? Is it used as more as a loose “everybody” whereas 全員 is more of a specific group?
  2. I see that it made sure to specify that 不足 meant a physical shortage of something, like a food shortage. What about something like hard drive space?
  3. Is 不正 kind of used in “hey, that’s unfair!” situations as well? For example if a little kid made up rules to a game that obvious favored him, could the other kids say something like, “おい、不正だよ!”?



That’s the impression I have ^^

Yes it can be used for something like that as well, for example you could get the computer message “メモリ不足” for insufficient memory space

Yeah I believe that works :slightly_smiling_face: it can mean cheating/doing something against the rules so that fits

And congrats on level 5! :tada::five::tada:

がんばってー :clap::clap:


On Sunday morning (6am) I did a bunch of reviews of level 4 and then… boom! 114 new lessons! Oh man… and it’s just level 5…


Thank you for the answers. :3

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Literally just happened to me.
I knew I was about to level up, but I didn’t know I was gonna get slapped with like 120 lessons. lol


congrats on leveling!! I saw some lvl5 vocab I didn’t recognize and was confused… then I remembered that I was only doing a few lessons at a time to not burn out (still have 26 left).

I’m excited to see where your progress thread goes!

Welcome to the point where people stop wanting to make “WaniKani is too slow!” threads.



万人 is literally “all people.” (well, literally ten thousand people, but used in a sense that means an uncountable amount)

It’s used in things like 万人向き (all-purpose; suiting everybody​) and things like that in that sense.

全員 is literally “all the members.”

It is a specific set of people in a specific group.

不正 is an objectively unjust thing. I’m not sure rules for a game would qualify, since that could be subjective, but in any case, kids would be more likely to say ずるい than anything else.


If you don’t want to have piles of reviews in the future, try to spread your new lessons over several hours. If you do all lessons together, in the future you will be hit with lots of reviews at the same time.

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114 new lessons? Damn. I’m nearing the end of level 4 so I am right behind you.

On one hand, the high amount of lessons(when you’re further along) seems daunting, but on the other hand I do like that I will then probably be able to learn new ones each day. At level four I am still getting little bursts of new lessons and I usually clear them out as soon as they become available.

If I start seeing hundreds, it won’t be so easy, but I can probably decide on a number as a goal for amount of new lessons each day.

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I usually do everything at once, never had a problem with it.
Yes, your review stacks are bigger, but also fewer. Instead of 5 every 30 minutes, I rather do 150 once.

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This is also how I feel. I’d rather knock everything out and come back to it later when everything is ready again.


Oh man, I found the “just hit level 5” club!

I did all of my lessons at once. I’m going to regret this tomorrow. :persevere:

Edit: Um, I am actually level 5 now. I guess it takes time to show up on the forum? Huh.

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Logging out and back in should force it to update ^^

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Hm, I tried it but it didn’t work. Oh well, it’ll work itself out eventually. :upside_down_face:

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Hitting is not very nice. You should apologize. :upside_down_face::turtle:





probably. mine never showed i was level 4 at all so i jumped from 3 to 5 in terms of the lil badge thing

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Wooo level 5 club…

I only take 10 lessons a day and only do reviews when im at work so i think i’ve been lvl 5 for like 2 weeks now?

Though i’m almost lvl 6 :'D

GLGL lets get through this ya’ll!


My levels so far have taken like 2 weeks each. I thought it should go a little faster, but idk maybe thats normal.

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