The "Ji" Sound - Beginner

Hey, nice to meet you.

I litteraly just started out and am at level 1, beginning with my first kanji’s, and I was already real mad at the like 7th Kanji.
The radical and kanji was “person”. The lesson suggested learning it by associating it with nintendo (nin) and their jeans policy (jin). So I tried out Typing nin, jin in all kind of variantions, yet it never ever worked.

In the end, just to understand my Problem, I even copy pasted the answer into the field, yet it still told me I was wrong. Am I completely misunderstanding something here?

Especially the “Ji” sound just didn’t want to translate, although I only know one Haragana that could have the Hook with two little Markings on the top.

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Did you type nin, jin? Because if so, that is incorrect. You have to type either nin or jin into the fields. Also, what do you mean exactly by “ji” not wanting to translate? Would it not convert ji into じ?

Huh, really? In the end I did just type in “nin”. So when it shows you 2 possible Pronounciations of one Kanji, you just have to write down one of them?

Yup, you only need to type in one of the readings. It doesn’t accept both.
Link to the FAQ by the way, it talks about this in more detail.

P.S. You can find this FAQ at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.


Also with would not translate I thought that somehow I inserted the wrong sound or that I had to write something else instead of “ji”. I thought that the solutions to my problem was maybe to write, “nin”, “shin” or something like that, but you already told me the correct answer x)

You will be so grateful for this later on :wink:


Already am :smiley: Guess I’m motivated to learn the 8 other Kanjis now, thanks :blush:

Would you recommand me to only learn one of the possible one’s then? Or should I include both Versions (in this case nintendo and jeans) in my Scenarios

You’ll see both many, many times within vocab.


Heck no. You’ll need them both (all!). It just doubles (trebles/quadruples!) your chance of getting it right.

I prefer to just learn one for the kanji, then remember the other reading as an exception if it shows up in a vocab word. There’s usually one reading that’s much more common than the other. If it turns out to be the one I didn’t memorise then I’ll start using that one instead. There’s usually enough vocab that use both to remember them eventually anyway.

Either way you’re going to learn both, since that’s what the vocab is for. I always try to remember all the possible readings when I’m doing reviews anyway.

Eventually you’ll even start to encounter vocab which includes kanji readings that weren’t taught to you with the kanji, but these readings are usually pretty rare.

By the way, you can also only insert 1 meaning at a time.

Please read the FAQ and the Guide!!!



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@Alan234 Look how far you’ve come. :joy:


Feels like it was yesterday ;_;


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